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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice, Jalan Gasing

*Uweeekkk* I am very hungry. I wanna eat rice. I wanna eat Chicken Rice at Jalan Gasing.

Very soon, we arrived at New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice in Jalan Gasing. New year new Menu? Mamarazzi ordered Lemon Kum Katt drink. A new thing in the Menu. Oppss...taste a bit too sweet. Had to pour out some to my mug and ask the waiter to add more ice.

Jeng~jeng~jeng~ The famous Steamed Kampung Chicken. Mamarazzi was very disappointed this round as the Chicken meat was real tough. Must be old chicken. Previous visits, the steam chicken here were nice. Don't know why this round the meat was so tough.

Single portion of the Taugeh. Mamarazzi loves it though the portion seems to have kinda shrunk.

Another new thing. Steamed soup. Mamarazzi ordered old cucumber soup. Taste as good as the soup that Mamarazzi boil, if not better. Can taste the "sotong"(tiew pin) and dried oyster, though can't find it in the bowl. Next time if Mamarazzi is lazy to cook soup, I know where to find good soup liao.

Kerabu Chicken Feet Skin. A bit too spicy for my taste. Full of Cili Padi. Papa had a nice time enjoying this dish.

Meat ball. Taste okay-okay la.

Overall, Mamarazzi was not so satisfied this trip due to the tough chicken meat but Mamarazzi seems to be very happy with the soup. Yummmmm... Hopefully next trip will be better.


  1. Jalan Gasing chicken rice, we like also. Normally we go to the one at the corner. Not much choice but the food taste good.

  2. Annie

    Yes, we have been to the corner shop once. Taste ok. Didnt go there anymore coz lack of choice. Maybe should go and give it another try one of these days

  3. Ooo....what a dissapointed meal. Hope the steam soup make you feel better. hehe

  4. Woiks... the chicken must have exercised a lot when it's a live... that's why tough lorrr!

  5. Ya..the soup was very good. mNhL Am happy with it :)

  6. I had been there once also...not bad though. The place is quite pack during lunch hour.

    Hmmm..feeling like going to eat chicken rice now..hehehe

  7. Uiks? I thought old hen baru tough. Another eye opener, Cleff

  8. yup, quite packed and parking rather difficult especially after school hours, Mommy Ling.

    Oh ya..i arrive at your blog but the door seems to be closed :p *knock*knock* :)

  9. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE13 January 2010 at 18:07

    Just as the Fatty crab, at least i frequent these places before...Not so katak di bawah tempurung me....Nice nga choy kai there

  10. Hi Small Kuching, the dishes looks good to me. I have always enjoyed 'kai fun'.
    By the way, KM is Jalan Gasing, I know its in PJ....but its that road with a Thai or Buddhist temple, right?

    I wonder about PJ old town, the food court there, still there but now changed to bigger surroundings?
    And Thrifty supermarket which used to have a College upstairs?
    I used to stay at University Gardens, near Motorola, as well just before leaving for Canada near Ruby Cinema.
    All so lonnngggg ago, ha ha.
    Last time in PJ was wayyyyy back 2002, already couldn't recognize the place.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  11. Hi smallkuching,
    My first time here.
    I must congratulate MAMARAZZI for doing such a good job with this blog.I am also blogging for my kids only they are now 15 and 17,
    I am going to put you on my blogroll.
    Take care now.

    p.s long time have not eaten at chicken rice Jalan Gasing.Must go soon.yummy!

  12. cleffairy talking about olympic kind of chicken i think. i was amazed when i went to malaysia to visit a friend long ago, and when she wanted to slaughter one chicken for dinner, she went round the whole backyard chasing the chicken. then i noticed the legs, wahhhh olympic chicken!!! kakakakka

  13. I love to go to the Fei Po Chic Rice shop which is near my house, Pandan Indah (Pudu also got branch). The chicken and siew yuk is very nice :)

  14. MRC,

    looks like we might bump into each other in one of these places leh. You know my facebut i duno your face leh. U see me, dont be shy to say hello ok :)

  15. Uncle Lee,

    Yes, the place is near a siamese/buddhist temple. can recall so vividly ar the place after being in Canada for so long

    It's been donkey years since i visited Medn Selera at PJ old town.Dont know whether it's still operating or not.

    Road have been widen and the bus station shifted opposite side of the road.

    It's been 10 years since your visit back. Time to contemplate another visit back leh.

    You have a nice day too ya :)

  16. Shakira

    thanks for visiting my blog. I have pop by your blogs and am following both of them. Interesting blogs must have married young. I bet your kids' friends always mistaken you as their sister instead of mom :D

  17. uLi

    I heard too from my people that Fei Po Chicken Rice is very good. So far I have yet to try coz very far from where I stay and that road (Pudu) always jam.

  18. Tuti

    Fresh chicken mah..akakakaka...have to chase lor :p. I dare not slaughter chicken but my mom dares

  19. I love soups too and the kerabu chic feet looks yummy! Must go try one day :-)

  20. I have tried their chicken rice@their branch in Sri Petaling, not bad! :)


  21. Oh now they have soup already? Hmm long time did not go there. Used to go there when I was studying in CHS. Been there few times last year. That's all. The standard there does not seems to standard. Sometimes quite OK and sometimes just so-so only. Nowadays if we go PJ we normally will go visit the A&W near Amcorp. :D

  22. BoeyJoey,

    The kerabu is a bit too spicy for me coz they put quite a lot of chili padi. If you cant take spicy food, then remember to ask them to putless chili padi or none at all.

  23. We come here quite regularly too. The hor-fun is nice. Love the taugeh...yums! Too bad your chicken was such a toughie. More reason to go back there again :p

  24. Alice

    price wise same like average Chicken rice. Got a branch at SP. The shops along the road going to HG.

  25. Didn't eat around here for a very long time already!

  26. Dora

    I have not tried their Chicken rice in SP but have tasted their Hor Fun. So-so only

  27. Chee Yee,

    I think they added a lot of things in their Menu already. If I remember correctly, they dont have the lime lemon drink

  28. Never been to Jalan Gasing eat chicken rice. long time never eat chicken rice, in fact, we only order roasted pork. :) to you

  29. Mummy Moon,

    Another good Chicken rice shop is near Kelana Jaya LRTstation. But no roast pork


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