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Saturday, 23 January 2010

My Pear Lei Suop

I love to drink soup. I am going to help Mamarazzi to cook soup.

It's Pear Lei soup. First time Mamarazzi making this soup. One(1) Pear skinned and cut into four, two(2) pieces of roast pork bone, some red dates, some Gei Zhi and of course water.

Now, where did Mamarazzi hide the salt?

Jeng~jeng~jeng~ The next day. Don't know my soup soup jadi or not.

Looks okay. Taste hopefully okay too.


Yay! Successful!! Taste very good and very sweet. I want some more.


  1. This 1 maciam very good...wanna boil some for Maine too...

    Your ambassador very professional!!

  2. Wah looks good. I also want to try. But soup with roast pork bones are usually v tasty

  3. very guai la you... can make for me also ah?

  4. happy and excited =.=" Mesti very sedap~

  5. hvn't tried that before. will try it one day.

  6. Maine's Mummy : really sedap leh ...sweet

  7. Cynthia...

    guai ... but sometimes yit pong yit mong..kakaka

  8. Joshua's Mummy

    This soup is sweet coz the lei is sweet. said good for the throat

  9. Wenn

    Try it when you feel your throat is not that well

  10. uLi

    memang sedapthis round. He kept going "sup sup"

  11. wah..i aso want to cook this la... looks good!

  12. Claire

    smallkucing says soup soup goooood.

  13. Next time kan mommy, send some over can ah? Since now I know we very dekat wan... :D

  14. Merryn

    GOOD IDEA wor...muhahaha..*evil grin* one more Guinea Pig for me to do testing on :p..kekeke

  15. Wah double-boiled wan wor... smallkucing really "sik for" and knows how to enjoy good stuff!

  16. Wah, must be very sweet and laughing!

  17. Yup ..very sweet and "yun how", Pete

  18. Chloe

    Ya loh this little cat pandai hoing sau :p

  19. Thanks for sharing the idea. Will try it one day, but only after hubby, myself and Juan Or have moved out from in-laws' house. :-)

  20. Wow..very special. Never know fruit can make into soup. Only know papaya soup which give more milk to the breastfeeding mum. hehehe

  21. Alice

    you are welcome. So whe are you moving to the new house? Got house warming party or not?

  22. mNhL

    yup many fruits can make soup. There is apple soup too but i never made before


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