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Monday, 4 January 2010

Mike 2 Seafood Restaurant, Kuala Trengganu(Chinatown)

This is a late post. So late that I fell asleep while waiting for Mamarazzi to write it. Just joking la. Mamarazzi been very busy for the past two weeks that she haven't have time to edit the photos from our last "balik kampung" trip.

Last "year", Mamarazzi posted about Pantai Batu Burok. Some readers commented that they wish to visit that place. Well, if you are worried that you can't find Chinese Food on K.Trengganu, worry no more. Just head to the China Town. A lot of Chinese restaurants there. One of which, my yee Poh recommended is Mike 2 Seafood Restaurant.

That day, I had great time playing with my cousin back there. Play so much till I forgot to take my nap. Only managed to fall asleep in the car while going to the restaurant. Very tired. Mamarazzi just "plonk" me into the baby chair and I continued my sleep.

Well, as usual. Once all the food is on the table, I would "awaken". Mamarazzi said pasal makan I paling pandai. Don't know what she mean by that.

Mamarazzi ordered Lotus Root soup as I love to have rice with soup. Hmm...the soup is not as good as Mamarazzi's soup. This one cooked not long enough though the lotus root is soft.

Fried rice. Not bad. Was very hungry thus gobbled it up till the last grain.

Claypot Taufu. But don't know why it comes in a "wok". Taste acceptable.

Mamarazzi had tried other dishes at this restaurant before from previous trips. The dishes here are nothing spectacular but it's not bad also. Mamarazzi rated it as acceptable to good. Price wise, KL price lor.


  1. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE4 January 2010 at 12:09

    Eh, forget to ask this : "small kucing(ref to Joshua), what u wish to be when grow the up?" :)

  2. Ok will try out Mike 2 Seafood Restaurant if going Kuala Terengganu! Nice dishes there!


  3. Hahaha... little Joshua very "seng muk" wor... food come only, wake up to eat :-p

  4. Check out tommorrow's post and you'll get the answer, Robinson :)

  5. Memang seng muk, Boey Joey. Pasal makan he is never left out...haiz....

  6. There are a few other good restaurants in Kuala Trengganu, Dora. One of is Restaurant Ocean. Too bad I didnt get the chance to snap photo of the dishes there

  7. Poor boy, fall asleep on the chair!!

  8. Wah...Joshua is really a good boy...can just plonk onto babychair and tidur terus...very good boy already! For Juan Or ah, he won;t fall asleep like that, instead he will cry and fret if not enough sleep. That's why whenever go out with Juan Or, have to plan the timing :-(

  9. He played too much in the afternoon lor, Rose. Refused to sleep when it was his nap time.

  10. Alice,

    This boy okay punya. Unless he is not well then he baru make a fuss.

  11. haha.. Superd cute, ur son fall as sleep!

  12. wow...seems like I found another food blog..haha..
    First time..following u now! :)

  13. Wei Ming

    Never saw before leh kakaka

  14. Good time I look for this place

  15. Ya..Pete. If you ever in KT can drop by the China town there

  16. haha can still sleep like tat, must be very tired la wei. hahaahah!

  17. such a good boy hor...can sleep on the high chair without making a fuss

  18. sleep on the baby chair, and can pose somemore. hahahhaha, so cute.

    You are from KT?

  19. Ya loh, Irene. Playing all day with the cousins

  20. LOL pose like big taukeh, Annie.

    Nope am not from KT but the hubby is

  21. He was too tired even to make any fuss, 2ma


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