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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Hong Kee Tim Sum, Damansara Jaya

Kong Kong and Ah Mah came last week. Thatday, early in the morning after bath I started to "korek" $$. They love to eat Dim Sum. Wanted to bring them somewhere nice for Dim Sum. It was a week day.

We decided to bring them to Hong Kee Tim Sum at Damansara Jaya. We have been to this shop two or three times. Their Dim Sum were good.

Hmm...week days not many people but also means not much choice of Dim Sum too. In fact they only steam the Dim Sum after the customer choose what they wanted.

Hmm...which one shall I "attack" first?

The Siew Mai? Taste ok-ok

Har Kow. Not bad. Quite a lot of prawns

Chicken feet. I didn't get to eat this coz Mamarazzi said if eat Chicken Feet, my writing will be like Cakar Ayam. mamarazzi ate a lot of chicken feet when she was young. Thus her writting can only be read by Doctors.

Char Siew Pau. Ordered for me but Papa ate both :(

Stuffed Bitter gourd. Not nice. They are supposed to reheat the thing but when it came, it was still cold. Ah Mah finished it coz she said cincai la. No need to trouble them. Doesn't taste good.

Wu Kok. Ah Mah and Kong Kong's favourite. They tasted these and said not good.

Chin Toi. Looks nicer than its taste. Not crunchy enough and too sweet.

Prawn Hong kong Chi Cheong Fun. Hmmm..ordinary.

Fu Chuk Kuen.Not nice as the filling have more flour than fish paste

Steamed pork rib. Ok-ok la. The chili not too spicy.

*Pouting* why la the quality of the Dim Sum dropped so much on week days? Wanted to treat Ah Mah and Kong Kong to a nice Dim Sum also tak boleh.

Aiks...something new there. Maybe there is a redeeming grace after all. Chicken Lai. It seems that this shop have added Chicken Rice and Wan Tan Mee into their menu.

Mamarazzi thus ordered a plate of Roast Pork and BBQ Pork (Portion for 2 person) and a plate of rice.

Alamak! Mamarazzi forgot to tell them to give us half fat and lean meat. The man gave Roast Pork with a lot of fat.

Overall taste? Both tasted not bad. Next time must remind Mamarazzi to request for meat with not too much fat.

As for the rice? I finish half a plate of this rice while Ah Mah and Kong Kong shared the balance as they are quite full already. i heard Ah Mah remarked that too much ginger in the rice.

Conclusion...must come for Dim Sum during weekends instead of week days.


  1. Yea..weekend has more choices while weekdays like pak wu ying..heheh. but ok i still see the dim sum looks great and yummy too..

  2. mmmm, interesting, next time must make sure go there on weekends!

  3. I love chicky feet too... yum :-) That roast pork looks good too.

  4. Nearby Pandan Indah got a branch also, I don't really like their dim sum lo...not tasty le. I only tried once :P

  5. Aik..week days not many customer and the quality drop? Btw, your nuff nuff did not appear.

  6. Wah, Joshua young young already got money to belanja Grandparents ah? Good GRandson!

    I saw Joshua's temple got 2 mosquito bites, am I right? Don't forget to put ointment, don't scratch ya, otherwise not handsome already. Hehehe....blood must be very sweet :P

  7. Char Siew Pau. Ordered for me but Papa ate both :( .... i read this till laugh....hahaha

  8. Hey betul ke? Eating chicken feet next time writing will be cakar ayam? So is that means I should not let Lynn to eat too? Alamak!

  9. Hey...I saw little spots on smallkucing's head. =.= nyamuk gigitkah? So kesian... come, auntie whack those nyamuk for you!

  10. wah...... so many dim sums!! You sure u guys can finished it?

  11. Mommy Ling

    ya lo weekend more choice. :(

  12. Pete,

    I think most dimsum place have more choices during weekend. for this Hong Kee, am rather disappointed coz when we were there, they only heat up the dimsum when required loh.

  13. Boey Joey

    I used to like chicken feet but duno why after preg and given birth, seems to "lazy" to eat that:(

  14. mNhL

    Ya loh... :(

    very hard ti catch nuff also :(

  15. uLi

    I didnt know they have branch there. But it seems the Damansara Br is quite popular

  16. Alice

    This by is getting "money faced" la.

    Told him once money can buy "yogurt"(his fav). Then on, when he sees money he will hulurhis hands and say "Thank u" *pengsan*

  17. Vialentino

    ya loh...Joshua end up eating chicken rice :p

  18. Alice

    Ya...i put tiger balm already. Found that Tiger Balm SOFT(got a few types) is the best when comes to mosq bites. very fast the bite will hilang

  19. CheeYee

    Hmm...not sure whether coincident or what..i used to love eating chicken feet and hubby also love chciken feet. Both of our writing are "doctor's writing" :p

  20. Cleff

    Ya loh...duno why mosq love to bite him. I very scared that he will kena dengue :(. I used all kinds of mosq spray also useless:(

  21. Chris

    Many meh? no problem in finishing it all. There were 4 adults and me who was very hungry leh.

  22. His blood must have tasted like Ribena. That's why mozzie loves to bite him. =( Eii... I heard there's some sort of plant that can halau mozzies away...maybe, you can go to the florist, and check it out?

  23. Cleff

    bought that plant already last time but unfortunately the plant beh tahan me and it went to Plant Heaven :(

    put mosquitoes repellent creme on him also cannot work. Still kena bite :(


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