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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Goodday Chocolate Milk

Been traveling a lot lately. Zoom here and there. Haven't been eating well. When there are not food and when I make noise, Papa would stop at a petrol station or shop to get something for me. One of which is Chocolate milk.

Hmmm...nice nice chocolate milk. Papa also loves Good Day Chocolate Milk.

This milk taste GOOD!. the way, this post is not a paid advertisement. Mamarazzi saja post coz she caught me in camera drinking and loving this milk a lot.


  1. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE3 January 2010 at 20:37

    Small kuching should be renamed small tiger? LOL

  2. Yum Yum ! The box of milk looks so huge next to him..

    Happy New Year by the way. Hope it's still not too late...

  3. Unfortunately...I can't take Goodday milk. High in lactose, I think.... made me vomit wan. Kesian me, hor?

  4. But this small kucing is a "paper tiger" wor, Robinson

  5. Good especially when travelling, Wenn

  6. But he can finish it wor, Joanna

  7. Aiyo...what about soya milk? Can drink? Cleffairy

  8. Belly good and belly full, uLi :)

  9. I grow up with this milk too!! last time they got delivery services to my doorstep!! muahaha..

  10. Hey...I did that to YX too. The other day while we were travelling here and there, I bought him a packet of chocolate milk and he lovesssss it! On top of that, I also bought him Jagung bun (RM0.60) and he loveeeessss that too.

  11. Very senang hor, mNhL. No need to carry a lot of milk powder and cilingcalang likeme. Just buy a packet of chocolate milk kau tim :)

  12. uiks? They got home delivery ah? I didnt know leh, Cynthia.

  13. ah must let krys try this milky box :)


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