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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Fatty Crab Restaurant, Taman Megah

Hmmm...big feast again. This round we "makan-ed" at the famous Fatty Crabs Restaurant at Taman Megah PJ.

What's this? Rotten egg ah? Black colour geh? But how come Papa syok syok eating the "rotten egg" ?? Apa macam tak rotten. It's century old already. It's a miracle that this egg can still be consumed. Taste...hmm...sedap jugak.

Mamarazzi said this is the super-duper fingerlicious Chicken Wings. Very very very yummy. Just look at the photos also can go hungry for it. RM2/piece. 1 piece definately not enough.

Satay ayam. Price forgotten liao. 70 sens or something like that. Usually taste good but duno why today doesn't taste as good.

The gravy for the Satay. Lots of "kacang" in it. Not only to eat with Satay. Papa also dipped the Roti Bakar into it. Says sedap wor.

Fried Rice. Specially ordered for me since Mamarazzi worried that I got not enough to eat. Love the fried rice. I ate nearly 3 bowls...though most of it stuck to my baju and pant.

Goooood...the VIP is here!

Steam Crab!

Yay! Another plate?!

Crab cooked in Spicy and sour style. need the crab also can. Just eat the gravy with Roti Bakar would be heavenly enough.

Here comes the Roti Bakar.

One plate like that not enough. We ordered another plate. It's just so delicious when dipped in the Spicy and Sour gravy. Taukeh..can I order the gravy without the crabs?

I don'twant Mamarazzi to feed me. I wanna eat by myself. Love sucking at the Crab's "khong".

Hmm..DELICIOUS! The meat are very "bouncy". If you like to try out this shop, I would recommend you to come early. During weekends and Public Holiday, there would be a long queue waiting eventhough it's only 6.30pm. The address is No 2, Jln SS 24/13 , Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya.


  1. wwah... crab!! my favourite too.. next time call Aunty Cynthia along la... :p what is the bill ah?

  2. Wahhhhh, Smallkucing... eat so much! LOL... lai, feed auntie abit? Must share share ma!

  3. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE9 January 2010 at 12:05

    Yeah, the famous "Fei Lo Hai".....

    Joshua boy sure enjoyed the crab esp :D

  4. Cynthia,

    Seri Kembangam also have Fei Loh Hai. That shop more dishes. Got bring Princess there or not? Love to watch the lights there at night.

    Bill about rm180 for the 6 of us. Not bad leh

  5. Baru learning how to eat crap...oppps..i mean crab. Loves the Kong part. Robinson

  6. Auntie Cleffairy,

    I've finished all the "Khong". Nice nice.Like eating ice cream.Got some "body" leftover, if you dont mind. :p

  7. If I were there, I can sure pile up the crab shells as high as the roti bakar. U make me drooling! Btw, smiled!

  8. Yohh...normally ppl use "man tao" instead of this kind of bread one wor...hehe! Delicious crab :)

  9. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE9 January 2010 at 19:14

    Small Kuching, if you may- better alamat me as MRC...this robinsons mall got registered trade mark or not for the name "Robinsons"??

    LOL..ok just joke

  10. mNhL,

    you also another seafood lover ah? wah lau eh...ada gang jor. Can have makan fight jor.kekeke...thanks for the smile.

  11. uLi

    I really love to eat the roti with the gravy. So yummy. crunchy roti bakar ....

  12. MRCC ...oppss terlebih 1 C...

    Your Robinson no "s" wor. The shopping complex got "s" wor....opps...I didnt mean it to sound like that. Not you...but the name...

    aiyayayooo...dont know I merapu what already. Time for me to tito la. That's why merapu a lot :p

    have a nice holiday ya, MRC :p

  13. wah... look so yummy ler, must try one day.

  14. Hi Small Kuching, I love that 2nd photo your kid eyeing that black egg.
    He looks soooooooooooo CUTE! Love his Elvis hairstyle, ha ha.

    My wife eats that, but I'll take a pass. Can't stand the strong scent.
    When we went back to KL some years back, a friend took us to this Fatty's place.
    Holy Smoke! The lineup was really long, so we went to the food court nearby...where I rember I polished off two bowls of ice kachang, and 8 poh pias! Not to mention the oh chien, rojak, har mee.

    Hey, I am 6'1" and 195 pounds, so can load, ha ha.
    Have a nice weekend, Lee.

  15. Lil' Bulb

    make sure to be there early else will end up with long queue

  16. Uncle Lee,

    Seems like he is like the father. Had "acquire" the taste of Century egg since that day.

    What time and day did you went for Fatty Crab? We were there 6pm when they were just opening the shop. By 6.30pm the place was full and after we finished around7pm+, there was a long queue.

    I think I know which Food Court you went to. Must be Ming Tien Food Court. Famous and came out in many Makan-Makan TV shows. However, I find the food there so-so only. Pasal makan, I am rather demanding :p

    You have a nice weekend too, Uncle Lee

  17. I do have 5 former schoolmates as friends on myspace and 1 on Facebook.

  18. Dean C

    You found them thru Myspace n FB? My side here, FB is more popular. a few dozen of my old friends thru FB :) So happy.

  19. i must try the steamed crab!

  20. Fatty crab, i only been there once. Usually we will go the one opposite, Pangkor crab or something like that.

    Your steam crab looks yummy and also the fried rice. No wonder small kucing can eat three bowls!!

  21. Little Joshua is all smiles! The food must be really yummy. I pass by this shop so often yet never tried it before... put off by the long Q la haha.

  22. Wenn

    Steam Crabs was good but I preferred the Spicy ones due to the gravy :p

  23. Haven't been to the Pangkor Crab yet. Always to Fatty Crab. Maybe will go and try the Pangkor Crab one of these days. Saw many people there too.

  24. ChloeRuoYi,

    Next time go earlier la. Oh ya...there is a Pasar malam there every Sunday. parking will be difficult to find on Sunday:p

  25. Wooo.....myself and hubby also love steam crab too. saliva drooling liao! far if hubby and I go restaurant eat crab, we won;t bring Juan Or along becos Juan Or cannot wait one, little while already start fretting. I really admire Joshua for being able to wait long long without fretting.

  26. Yes, we go to this pasar malam almost every Sunday. We're staying quite nearby :-)

  27. Alice

    Kesian Juan Or leh. Bring him along la. give him a small bowl of rice to eat/play she sure wont fret punya.

    As for Joshua, he knows he bising, next time he wont get to go gai gai kakaka

  28. ChloeRuoyi

    Uiks? we also go there for pasar mlm sometimes. I love the Popiah by a lady that sell near Guardian


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