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Monday, 11 January 2010

Do You Have A Sense Of Humour?

There are sure a lot of weirdo out there in the Cyber World. Just the other day, Mamarazzi received a comment that advertise Sex for hire. And yesterday, a blogger friend of Mamarazzi was attacked. Verbally, not physically. That could not have been a good experience no matter what.

There are all kinds of blogs in the blogsphere. Some are about politic, some about romance, some about humour, some about cooking, some about work, some about kids and some even about sex.

A person is not expected to go to a blog about politics and expect to read about cooking there, right?

Thus, if a person is to go into a blog which the author is known to have a good sense of humour, he/she would expect there would some funny saying or jokes floating in the air. Hence, there is no point in getting politically uptight about what the author wrote or put in his/her blog.

This makes Mamarazzi wonder, could it be that the author had inadvertently touched a sore point of that reader or is it the reader have IBS.

Hey, blogging and reading blog are supposed to be relaxing. Thus, all I am saying is "Chill out, Babe. If you don't like what you are reading,just flip the page. Peace to the world!"


  1. Oh, yes, I whole-heartedly agree with you. If don't like what is being read, then merely click the 'Close' button....simple! No need to give sarcastic/nasty remarks in the comments section. Period.

  2. we stalk we leave. sometimes we leave with a mark if the writer is non threatening, lol.
    if the writer is threatening in the mahmee's way, it's still safe. :P
    if she comes here, the most i'll get hit with her saucepan. :P

  3. That is what I thought too , Alice

  4. Lenglui Tuti,

    Can borrow your saucepan to mamarazzi's blogger friend or not?

  5. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE11 January 2010 at 17:44

    Hey betul lar mamamrazzi...don't like then go somewhere lar...Y go attack others -Crazy, rite?..I "sapu" everything in blogsphere, provided i can learn some poitive Yin & yang from the blogss...Let's hope it's more of the "positive" traits :D

  6. Ha ha, agree, there are lots of wierdo in the cyberspace. I had came across some and sometimes receive weird emails from these people.
    Blog to relax, same for me! LOL!

  7. agree!!! I have been attacked by crazy readers before....I wonder why some people are so inconsiderate. If they dont like what I wrote, why they bother to give comments (not once, but many times).....Sigh!! They just bunch of Morons!

  8. Hello Small Kuching, humour has a way of bringing people together. It unites people.
    Life without humour or laughter is like a day, a week without the sun.

    And yet there are people slow on the uptake but fast on the downside.
    When people who do not have a sense of humour, we will know their character and personality. Even their home is cold, no warmth.

    And it can be contagious as their children as well friends, if any will get the virus.
    And yes, I blog for fun, I live for fun and I love having fun.
    If I can make just one person smile in a day, then my day is complete.

    Good posting, SK, you hit the nail right in, best regards, Lee.

  9. MRC,

    whenever someone new leave a comment in my post, I would try and visit their blog. If ngum, I would add into my blog reads. And if i find that what posted not suitable to me, I would just delete from my reading list.

    As simple as that.

  10. Pete,

    I guess all blogger at one point or another will kena attack so no use getting upset about it, but still sakit hati especially if an innocent remark are being attacked.

    It's like if i remark "a bus is available to get you to that place" and the commenter goes berzerk and say something like "Huh? you think i have no money to pay for a cab???????? You think I am poor????? You don't respect me!"


  11. Agree with you there, Rose.

    Even if they don't agree on certain things, they can always say it in a considerated way instead of leaving rude comments

  12. Uncle Lee

    I fully agree with you on "Life without humour or laughter is like a day, a week without the sun."

    May the readers of your blog be more "cultural" than that.

  13. well, laughter brings sunshine into our lives.

  14. yeah lor...dun like then dun read.

  15. agree, agree ,, chill out babe,please leave if you dont like at the sight of just seeing,lest reading,right?

    no problem here, i love this blog

  16. I love this blog too, Eugene


  17. Yes, bring on the sunshine, Wenn :)

  18. there were ppl don't know the 'X" button geh... :p

  19. Or maybe the mouse got stuck :p, Cynthia

  20. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE12 January 2010 at 18:21

    Your reply to Pete makes me laugh :D :D...

    Should be simple as u say - blogging or reading blog...Take it or leave it , in a nutshell


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