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Friday, 29 January 2010

Chinese ArrowHead Chips

It's that time of the year again.Mamarazzi having "the fever" again. The "Chinese Arrowhead Chips Fever". Around this time last year Mamarazzi had a Frying Frenzy. Check out her previous post here. What a long winded way to go about frying Chinese Arrowhead Chips.

This year, Mamarazzi clever a bit. Just wash and peel off the skin of the Chinese arrowhead.

Slice it and dump into the Wok. Actually, Auntie Cynthia told Mamarazzi that she can straightaway slice the Chinese Arrowhead into the Wok. However, Mamarazzi is very clumsy and slow. Thus better slice into a container first or else everything will be burnt.

Slices of Chinese Arrowhead floating in the Wok.

I can hear Mamarazzi shaking the oil off the crispy golden brown Chinese Arrowhead Chips. Though it's a bit ugly when compared to those sold in the shops but it's made full of TLC.

And here I come with my little bowl and Oliver Twist's face which nobody can resist, "begging" for a bit of TLC for myself and for Papa.

One chip....two chip...

Three chips only ah?Not enough leh. Kejap aje Papa will polish off everything.

*TING!* I have an idea.

It would be better that I take the whole "bakul".

One for me, and none for Papa.

And a message from Mamarazzi "Due to unforeseen circumstances, there will be no distribution of Chinese Arrowhead Chip this year".

In other words, Papa and I polished off everything as soon as its out of the Wok lah.


  1. Oh, what a cute blogpost! By the way, I'll be like Mamarazzi too - better get the slices all ready first before throwing them into the wok, scared after kelam-kabut, end up instead of arrowhead chips become chocolate chips pulak! :P

  2. *blush* so that's how the arrowhead looks like before it's fried? I never knew how it looked like... just tahu makan only!!! *blush* I tot arrowhead is some sort of turnip... lol... now I know liao!!! Ahahahaha!

  3. I saw this arrowhead a lot selling in Giant, but dont know how the method to season and fry it..if not mistaken we can plant is as well in de water , rite.. distribution..thought want to scoop a bowl from u..heheheh

  4. Hehe...I also want some Mamarazzi...pleaseeeee =)

  5. Wow... then I must be one of the lucky ones to get a bottle from YOU! Thank you thank you.. finish dy ler.. hahahahhaha..yummy :)

  6. Haha that Oliver Twist's pitiful face that says "please sir, I want some more". Sedap kan? Once you start, you can't stop!

  7. hehehe.. mine gone liao.. can refill mou? thick skin... but maybe use your container to refill my own fry later.. :p

  8. I die die will remember this chips. My 1st CNY after married into the family, MIL bought and was frying these thing which I've never seen or tasted before. I got a hard time helping her to scrap the skin and slice thinly. No experience ma hehe..

  9. so this is the nga ku you give to the other three mummies during the the recent meet up ya. :)

  10. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE29 January 2010 at 16:45

    Haha i agree that phrase is funny : oliver twist face with the cute look - Who can resist to tolak him away?!

  11. Alice

    Agree with you there. Better prepare everything first since am not expert :P

  12. Cleff

    now you know so now you can fry ler :p

  13. Mommy Ling

    I also bodoh2 last year. Went and slice then rendam salt water etc.

    This year after some sifu teach found easier way. Just peel off the skin, dont break off the stem, hold the stem to slicing. Then fry.

    Cynthia lagi expert. She slice straight into the wok.

    Fry in a low fire else the side gets burnt but the middle uncooked.

  14. uLi

    sori la...the papa and the smallkucing eat till 7788 already :(. That's why none for distribution

  15. Merryn

    ya loh...some more when Cynthia called, i ngum ngum fried 3 container

  16. Chloe

    I fry I also didnt get to eat much . Only a few pieces. But then memang like that one. At times i cook things but i dont eat pulak.

  17. Cynthia...faster go C4 tonight. I heard NK sellingfor rm1-88/kg

  18. mNhL

    so now you eat or not these chips or you have phobia jor? Eat is easy but to make very tedious

  19. Annie

    ya lo..they were one of the luckyones

  20. MRC

    betul kan...some more + sound effect leh "Mama, mum mum ah..." + the puppy eyes...

  21. A Full-Timed Housefly29 January 2010 at 22:54

    I love to fry arrowhead with lots of garlic and pork belly.... the chips look crispy.

  22. eh...very heaty eat like that.. small kucing, dont eat so much.. ( some for this old auntie here, ok?? dont eat my share also!) hahhaa.a..

  23. My friend grows them every CNY and fries the chips.

    I didn't know about this until I went to Singapore. They tell me if they grow well, your year will be well. My cleaner grows them, and never grew. I tell her, why grow them if you worry your plant will tell you that you will have bad year. Be like me, don't grow, no PANDAN.

    She says, but you are my employer, your year will be good.

  24. Pearlyn

    The Chips are crispy. Just like potatoes chips.

    My mom used to stir-fry the Chinese Arrowhead with Lap Cheong and Chinese Leek. Nice

  25. Claire,

    I gave him drink coconut water. thus should be okay gua.

    Thought of mailing to you one container but gave up la..later arrive your home become powder kekeke.

  26. Ann

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    Previously, my Mom did grow this plant. Very fast shoot up and very leafy. Needs a lot of water.

    I tried growing it one year but gave up coz have to change the water daily. Lazy. Worry about dengue too.

  27. Kiahahaha! So that's the Oliver twist face, bagging for more while putting up a pity face~!^-^

  28. Alice Law

    clever or not my Oliver Twist face?


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