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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Chee Cheong Fun At Restaurant Hoong Fook, (Formerly Known As Eastern Restaurant) Seri Petaling

This post is to kacau Auntie Claire since she have been posting a lot of good and yummy food post that made Mamarazzi's saliva drooling all over the floor. Check out her saliva drooling makan-makan blog ere .

Located in Seri Petaling. Formerly known as Eastern Restaurant now chanced to Restaurant Hoong Fook. If not mistaken the road name is Jln Merah Caga. Mamarazzi know how to go only. Seldom take note of road name...haiz..

In this restaurant there is a small stall that is more than 2 decade old that sells delicious Chee Cheong Fun. Formerly located under a giant tree in front of this restaurant and the stall owner used to be muka masam always. Since the restaurant been renovated, they moved into it and a smile is seen paste on the face of the stall owner.

Offers a variety of Yong Tau Foo that taste very good. Price wise, again Mamarazzi forgot to note. I think it was about 80sens a piece.

Mamarazzi tapau-ed some home. The soup was very sweet as it made of boiled fish bone. Don't think they add any MSG.

Jeng~jeng~jeng~ the Curry Chee Cheong Fun. The CCF was very smooth and with crunchy fried "har mai" topping. Mamarazzi loves the "har mai" topping very much. Usually she will ask the lady boss to add more.

Interested to come and try the CCF, Auntie Claire?


  1. Sobs... FAILED! FAILED! You wanna kacau Claire, but you ended up kacau-ing me. T_T mana aci! You made me hungry now! SOBBBBB!

  2. You should ask the taokeh to add more "har mai" oh~ :D

  3. hi.. i couldnt resist not coming by at this time.. supposed to rest my weary head but ended up posting and visiting some bloggers and u r one of them.
    So u wanna kacau me with CCF... sorry to say, wrong timing la... no appetite these days, maybe too much going here and there...
    phew, this is a closed call, anyway.. u should have posted this later..then i might end up being tortured! :)

  4. Is it the corner shop?? I pass by there but never try the food.

  5. i love curry chee cheong fun!

  6. Aiyak! Wanna kacau lain orang, lain pulak yang kena doh. Sori ah, Cleffairy.

  7. uLi,

    This lady a bit"particular". As for more also same amount punya :p. But nice la the CCF and the kari.

  8. Alamak! wrong timing ah, Claire :p

    Nevermind, time tiime you come KL will bring you eat there. Sure sekali makan mau lagi :D

  9. Annie Q,

    It's an end lot shop. In between Caring Farmasi and Guardian.

    The "Dai Chow" there also very good.

  10. Wa lau leh, my favourite chee cheong fun and yong tau fu....gotta try this when I am in that area!

  11. Never see this place eh? I stay near Sri petaling, wanna try the curry CCF

  12. Pete,

    while you are there, try out the "Dai Chow" too. Not bad

  13. Mummy Moon,

    You know where is THE STORE? At the main road there is one restaurant called Lucky Restaurant? This shop is at the same row of Lucky Restaurant. End lot in between Guardian and Farmasi Caring.


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