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Saturday, 12 December 2009


Mamarazzi have been wondering why am I slow in talking. Little Prince who is slightly older than me can speak in full sentence already. Well, today I surprised Mamarazzi by saying "Thank You" when ever she hand things to me. I haven't master the correct pronounciation yet thus my "thank you" sound like "git git". It's the thoughts that counts, right?


  1. Hi Small Kuching, I too love KFC, but will take a pass at Menoner and bi meh fy, ha ha.
    We are only 10 minutes walk from a Mehnoner and only been there 3 times in 22 years, once to eat, twice meeting friends over coffee.
    Your kid looks real cool, ha ha, by the way, when he going to get a baby sister, *wink*.
    Love his cheeky looks, ha ha.
    Have a great weekend, Lee.

  2. Mamarazzi must be very happy... and never compare with others!


  3. Yup, Joanna :)

    Uncle Lee, baby sister/brother have to wait 1st ah. Tunggu lihat anak bulan 1st :p

    Though he can't speak much but he understand a lot, Dora. True what you said. Never compared with others. I guess when one day when he decided to talk, I would be thinking why he talk so much pulak..:p


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