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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Titbits Shopping At Malacca

Lets go in Mei Zhong Yuen Confectionery to check out their munchies.

Many types of munchies and mostly are freshly made

Which one to get?

Mamarazzi saw this freshly baked Lotus Biscuits.

Doesn't taste that sweet. Good. RM2.40/pc with egg yolk inside. Not bad la.

Next stop Bibik House for it's Cendol and Freshly baked Pineapple Tarts.

Very plain Cendol with only some red beans and the green thingy. Mamarazzi like it and so did I. Very refreshing. Also the Gula Melaka made it more aromatic.

A box of Pineapple Tarts RM11 for 22 pieces.Not bad as there are a lot of inti there. Still hot from the oven thus didn't close the container tightly.

I was syok syok sleeping. Didn't even notice that we have arrived at the Famous Tan Kim Hock place.

After a nice nap, time to shop some more. Let's go Mamarazzi. Don't slump there at the wall.

The famous Cendol Durian from Tan Kim Hock. Yum......I wonder my tummy still have room for Satay Celup or not.


  1. I must say, the chendol really looks good and i am pretty sure it tastes as good as it looks too.

    hey take care now

  2. Which cendol, Eugene? of the two I preferred the Bibik House punya. Not that sweet

  3. I heard the best durian cendol is no longer in Tan Kim Hock... eat at the jonker street one, in the stall by the roadside one... there is alot lah, but I was told it is at the end of the road. :P try both ends maybe? hehehe

  4. The lotus biscuits with egg yolk looks delicious !

    Cendol Durian ... I really should try that. Been hearing SO much about it. Hehe

  5. wah.. lots of titbits wor.. and you really enjoy the trip ya.. :D

  6. The Bibik House Cendol looks good. Looks better and more attractive than Tan Kim Hok's durian cendol. :)

  7. saliva nearly dropped off my mouth.. looking at the cendol, pineapple tarts, my favorite, the durian dessert.. yo.. i wanna go malacca too.. hahahaa..
    btw, u r still so slim.. can afford to eat more..

  8. The cendol looks so yummy-licious.

  9. Aiyo...this trip eat eat eat and eat. Non -stop eating like just released from jail..kekeke. I think if walk along Jonker st just sampling food, stomach would have been very full jor :p

    Lucky my gene is the skinny type. people say throw into oil also wont fat. Windy days have to hold on to tiang/pokok :p

    LV: where? is it opposite Hoe kee? Saw there is a large new building at th end of the road called Sam Sou Kung selling goodies and also have Cendol. Didnt get the chance to go in. Too many people

  10. Hi Small Kuching, love your boy's smile....
    His mom is a never ending song in his heat of comfort, happiness, and being.
    He may sometimes forget the words, but he always remember the tune.

    And a son may love his sweetheaert the most, his wife the best....
    But his mother, the longest.
    Have a nice day, Lee.
    ps, you enquired something from me....
    answer is on 4/29/09. Let me know if you pop by.

  11. Hi, wow, you are fast. Anyway, if you have nothing better to do, check out 1/4/08. Its 19 episodes, the longest ever posted. Took 3 weeks to complete.
    Of the love of a beautiful matured lady and a man half her age. Lee.

  12. Wah, my computer was not feeling well again and now I have so many posts here to catch up. You are fast. Interesting Malacca, I like the Ice Kachang.

  13. Uncle Lee, Planning to read that last night but too sleepy. Maybe tonight ler.

    Molly, ya loh..very cham if PC not well or internet kaput :(


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