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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Tang Hoon Soup

Mamarazzi is feeling lazy. Got a tiny bit of leftover Mince Pork with Mui Choy. Not enough for a meal but...

Then Mamarazzi remembered that there is just a bit more Tang Hoon left in the packet. Rinse it a bit.

Fried an egg and throw in some cabbage into the ikan bilis soup.

Jeng~Jeng~Jeng~ becomes Tang Hoon Soup with a lot of liu. In fact, the liu covered the Tang Hoon.


Goodd....something new apart from having rice day in and day out.


  1. Leftover not to waste :). Makes another meal ^_^.

  2. creative! Liddat oso can make new meal!

  3. I love tang hoon myself. Good boy. You eat anything mummy made for you. How I wish my 3+ years girl is that adventurous like you. But I heard she is growing "wider" in hometown with her grandparents. I wonder whether I can recognised her when she is back to Kuching soon. Hahaha!

  4. LV : You are sooo right :p

    Cleffairy : Duno what else to cook

    Alice : coz sien liao. Cook Tang hoon for a change

    Wenn : You into cooking?

    Uli : coz lazy to cook rice and dish and also lazy to go out tapau

    Rose: You must be missing her very much. Hard to to away from own kid for long


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