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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

See No Evil, Hear No Evil Speak No Evil

See No Evil.

Hear No Evil

Speak No Evil

If only people would follow it, there would be peace in the world.

Why the sudden philosophy? Coz Mamarazzi is PISS-OFF. One of Mamarazzi's best friend have been back-stabbed in the office and the friend is very sad.

I don't understand why some adults behave worse than kids. Likes to show off. Show off to the boss, show off to the staffs, show off to friends and family.

Pretend to be nice to you.Pretending that they are your BEST pal. Pretend that everything is fine. Everything is hickory-dickory. And the moment your back is turned; they stab you.

Twisting and turning your every word, making it deviate from what you have meant originally. Putting words into your mouth. Pointing fingers.

I guess they what they didn't realise is that a hand have got 4 fingers and a thumb(unless they are disable). When they point a finger at someone and bad-mouth them, the other 3 fingers are pointing inwards to themselves.(John 8:7 “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.” )

If they really have "liu", they don't have to pretend or show off. People have eyes to see who is hardworking and who is the "Shoes shine boy/girl".

To Mamarazzi's best friend, here is what Mamarazzi got to say "False friends come and go, only the true ones remains. You can't choose your family and relatives, but you can choose your friends. Hope you'll feel better soon."


  1. A Full-Timed Housefly8 December 2009 at 14:38

    True true , what you said is right , I totally agree. I hate office politics and certainly hate people who have nothing better to do than to badmouth about others. I'm the target in my office when I worked in an office many years ago , more than 13 yrs..... you will not be appreciated if you are being frank with words and actions , instead you will be deep fried in hot oil and blacklisted for not being a boot-licker which I hated most. Genuine friend one is enough !

  2. hehehe... I write no evil :p

  3. poor mamarazzi's friend.. hopefully she feels better soon.. ya lor, that's those so call adult lor, behaving worse than kids... nvm, early know better than later know..

  4. Please tell your friends that,,,, the rigteous shall always triumph,,,ya

  5. I have a lot of that in my place :P.

    Sadly, nothing can be done.... boss likes the shoe polisher so much the polishers get a better recgonition. So how? One eye close lor :/. Just when you see everything clearly, be sure so stay away and watch what we say to them.

  6. Sadly my friend is the soft spoken type and easily bullied. If kena me, I sure tembak kasi dia mati katak :p. Coz am very hot headed. Woe to them who cross me...muhahaha *evil laugh*

  7. working life is such, kathy.. it is a common sight in every office.. just dont think so much about it, but talking is easy, right? but time will heal..


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