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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Santa Made A U-Turn

OOoo? I thought we opened every gifts this morning. Santa made a U-turn and brought some more ah?

It says this one is for me....

Huh? A pail??? Ooo..this "pail" is not a normal pail. It's Famous Amos pail with goodies inside it. Thank you very much, Auntie Siew. I will save some of the goodies to share with you.

Aiks??? MBPJ also send gifts ah? Nope?'s from Auntie Florence.

Yay! more of the branded baju for me. Yippee! Can wear for Chinese New Year. Thank you ver much Auntie Florence. You are so kind and have good eyes for bajus.

Baju from Sarawak from Auntie Jenna. Gee...thank you very much. This is a well traveled baju. Been to the East coast and West Coast of Malaysia.

Thank you very much everyone.


  1. wah... so many nice gifts for u... :p

  2. many gifts, so nice =)

  3. uLi

    Ya loh..he got the most pressie this year :p

  4. Wenn, Hope you have as many pressie if not more :p

  5. Claire,

    This boy is over the moon with all these gifts. Hand also tired from "tearing" all the present paper :p

  6. joshua is such a lucky boy, got many nice gifts!

  7. Yup, Alice. Thanks to many loving friends :)


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