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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Restaurant Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup, Malacca

Tak sah go to Malacca without having their famous Satay Celup. We went to the usual Restaurant Ban Lee Siang for satay celup coz the road won't be so jammed up as those in town. Wah lau eh...baru 5pm the restaurant already full. Hmm..Mamarazzi thought this restaurant only opens after 5pm.

This round, doesn't seems to have much choice of "satay" compared to previous round.

Mamarazzi purposely took these Little Stars for me.

The boiling pot of Satay sauce....Fuiyoh...can smell that it's very delicious.

Throw in all the satay into it.


Ngap! DELICIOUS!!! Mamarazzi loves the "kerang", Papa loves the "Fu Chuk" and I love the Jie Jie sitting at the next table.

Here is a video where I tried to mengorat the Jie Jie.


  1. I never been to this Satay Celup place ... I usually go to the one called Capitol in downtown Malacca near the red house :)

  2. TZ- We went to BLS b4 thought wanna try others but that day downtown was very pack. End up going to the same place lo

    LPM-Star shape one to tipu kids :p.

  3. Looks like an interesting celup ^_^. Wow smallkucing can eat spicy hor... so good.

    Look at him mengorat hahaha!

  4. yeah.. smallkucing dah besar.. sudah boleh makan yang pedas2..Smallkucing, minggu lepas saya ada pegi melaka, umbai, cristalbay. makan seefood.. ok sangat kat sana. tp sedikit mahal la. smallkucing, cuba la rasa makan laut kat sana. ajak your mamarazzi n papa too.

  5. LV- a tiny bit spicy he can take la. Just wash off the satay sauce with the tea :p

    mantis-eh? minggu lepas u gi Melaka? Kita g Raya Haji. Semua malay stall close. Actually wanted to try the seafood Muara. time le

  6. hey smallkucing, be careful of the fork leh.. eat slowly ... ok...
    i didnt know about the celup thing in malacca la.. in ipoh we call lok lok or dip dip.. next time must go try..

  7. hey smallkucing, be careful of the fork leh.. eat slowly ... ok...
    i didnt know about the celup thing in malacca la.. in ipoh we call lok lok or dip dip.. next time must go try

  8. Hi Small Kuching, wow! I love satay celop. Last ate in '96. At Tranquerah road I remember. I didn't recognise Malacca then, don't think I will next return.
    Your boy seems to love the satay.

    By the way, I noticed you made 2 comments my place. When I cleared you for entry at my Immigration checkpoint, your other comment disappeared from my radar.
    Where you popped in? I can't find you, so regret can't reply.
    Let me know where you are, thanks. Lee.

  9. Oh I never try satay celup everytime I visit Malacca... guess will taste it next time! I love hanging out at Jonker Street for little souvenirs.


  10. Aww ...such a cute video !!

    By the way.. RM3/book!!!!! sobz sobz sobz! I hope they have their sale again. Was SO fun! Hahaha.

  11. Claire : we were monitoring him while he was using the fork. The satay celup is very similar to Lok Lok only that it got 1 type of sauce. Lok Lok have several type.

    Uncle lee: Melaka had gone thru a lot of changes. The toys from jonker st no longer solely from Melaka. Most are from China :(

    I looked thru your old post. I think I left a comment in Uncle Lee Honey Moon :p. That pots was real witty

    Dora: should try the satay celup. Cheaper than in KL.

    Jaonna: I was like doing the "tarzan" dance when I saw the BBWBS announcement that books are going for RM3/book. But i guess those left are mostly "head and tails". Me being *sour grape* a bit. :p

  12. Hahaha... so cute, so cute... more videos please! :-)

    I love this video and the one he's playing the organ in your past post!

  13. He is a good boy feeding by himself. have you called him little kucing?

    This is aunty from kuching, actually grew up in Sibu, but lived in kuching a short time.

    You reminded me of my three kids so long ago. What a coincidence, my number one is 25 today, and lives in Singapore. We talked on the phone today. A mum's heart, very sayiang when she is thousands of miles away.


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