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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Pricky Pokey Pineapple

Pass by this pineapple stalls many times before but never stopped. It's located along the main road from KL going to Kemaman. In front of the stall there is a road sign indicating that the place is Kampung Kubang Ikan.

Mamarazzi remembered that Ah Mah loves pineapple and commented to Papa. Papa immediately stopped the car and we went "exploring".

Yikes! naughty papa took a Pricky Pineapple to poke me. Geli-geli. We end up buying "setompok"(3 biji) for RM10. Papa bargained and the little girl give Papa 1 more Pineapple for free.

Ah Mah ate the Pineapple and commented that it's very sweet and nice. As nice as the Sarawak pineapple. Thus, on our way back to KL, we borong some more Pineapples. And Ah Mah managed to do magic and made them "disappear" within 5 days.


  1. Magic eh? Hehe... I love love love those Sarawak pineapples. Can never find them here leh...

  2. Those pineapples are big. Can fight with Sarawak pineapples already. But you can get cheaper over here in Sarawak when the market is flooded with pineapple. Can go to one ringgit for one or even 50 cents sometimes.

  3. Agnes,

    Ya loh. The grandmother just love to eat pineapple. One of her favourite fruits

  4. Wenn,

    I don't like to eat pineapple but joshua seems to like it very much

  5. Superman

    Fly me some Sarawak Pineapple then :p. Soooo cheap. In KL i think around RM3-Rm4/pc.

  6. Hahaha...."Ah Mah managed to do magic and made them "disappear" within 5 days"... that's a really cute way of saying how Ah Mah sapu all the pineapples. You have great sense of humour, Mamarazzi! ^ ^

  7. His grandmother love Pineapple a lot. As for me, I preferred Pineapple tarts. Cant stand the smell of fresh pineapple :p


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