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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Naked Rider

Make way! Make way! a naked rider coming thru. Baru lepas mandi. I don't wanna wear baju. I wanna go where the road takes me.


  1. *haha* cute-nya!!! i bet he will wanna destroy the picture when he grows up!!!

  2. lucky the headlights covered your 'headlights' la... if not, this photo will be 'used' when you become famous lor...

  3. hmmm... nanti polis saman you... :p

  4. Better dont catch cold, my boy!! I guess everyone will make way for the naked boy, especially the ladies and girls. :p

  5. Just the correct accurate angle.. :)

  6. ohhh... mommy so noty, take pic while joshua naked. hahaha!

  7. Aiya! So sexy ah!? Hehehe.....can rename this blogpost as "Make way for the sexy rider!"

  8. 2ma : there are many more copies..kekeke *evil grin*

    Cynthia: This photo can still be use when he is bigger :p

    TZ : tarak licence tak boleh saman :p

    Rose: I chase him to wear baju till i semput.

    Claire: Hey! Welcome back! Have not been to your blog for the past 1 week due to balik kpg

    Uli: u can say that again kekeke

    Irene: as an insurance...or blackmail when he is bigger...muhahaha

    Alice :Not sexy enough wor. Other people got 6 packs, he got 6-in-1 pack..kakaka

  9. Give this picture to his gurlfren when he grow up...LOL!

  10. Pete : ya wor...that's what I am planning *evil grin*


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