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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

My Christmas Tree(Part 2), 2009


I can't wait for Papa to arrive home and see this. I so excited that I can't help dancing the "Happy Monster Dance".


  1. He makes me wana dance too! So infectious :)

  2. dingdingding.. light light!
    cute baby.
    nice tree.
    i can be more articulate than this ya know..
    first time here mah. *shy*

  3. my house no tree

    A smile from SJ =)

  4. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE16 December 2009 at 12:18

    Children are always the happiest during festive season..JOLLY, jolly :)

  5. Joshua is very 'kuai' and cute. If Juan Or ah, if the Xmas tree is at home, I think he's going to pull down the tree or play with the ornament until rosak. By the way, Juan Or still can't appreciate the beauty of Xmas tree yet. One day took him to The Store, saw one decorated Xmas tree, Juan Or tengok selamba aje, like nothing interesting, no reaction one.

    Unfortunately, at home, no Xmas tree lah, becos it's in-laws' house (they are not Christians). Some more no point putting Xmas tree in new house becos once a while only go there. Some more I think hubby is not keen on Christmas tree.

  6. Wenn : cute when not naughty :p

    Joanna : let's party!

    Tuti : eh...malu malu kucing pulak doh

    SJ : Come share my tree. U buy the presents :p kakaka

    Cynthia : soon Breanna will be doing that :)

    Robinson : Not child only..the Mamarazzi also...

    Alice: I guess there is no light blinking on the Christmas tree gua. That's why Juan Or selamba aje


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