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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

My Christmas Tree, 2009

It's Christmas time again. Been having some bad news lately.

Papa must be very stressed. Mamarazzi helped me to set up the Christmas tree to surprise Papa when he come home from work tonight.

This one go here...

Some more? Pass me some more please.

That one goes there...

Last but not least "PRESSYYYYY!"


Oppsss...extra "ornaments" ah? Who put them there? Not me..not me..


IIAs request by Uncle Eugene. Here is the full view. Nothing much. Use back last year's decoration since Mamarazzi haven't have time to go shopping. Hope to add more decoration and some gifts under the tree soon. *hint*hint*. Just joking ..


  1. Hahha! it reminds me of the Alvin & The Chipmunks movie where the chipmunks passed toothbrush to Dave to decorate the tree. :p

    Merry Christmas

  2. good got xmas tree :) Merry Xmas :)

  3. A goold little helper to decor the chrsitmas tree. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Lovely tree! I want a christmas tree too... sadly no place in my house for one anymore now haha!

    Smallkucing so good, decorate up the tree :).

  5. nice tree.. I am sure your papa will be happy seeing the tree tonight!! Great!! but what with the Monkey you carrying ah? :p

  6. Rose : A very naughty chipmunk too, Rose. Kept asking me to "on" the light.

  7. uLi,

    Thanks for visiting my Blog. I pop over to your blog. You've got a great blog there. Love the photogetic little girl, Miow Miow. Is that your girl? Sorry ya, I don't read Mandarin so I was unable to read you profile :p

  8. Karenyiau,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Unfortunately when i pop over to yours, the door was locked.

    Not only that he help to decorate the tree but also helped to take the tree down from it's "residence" too :)

  9. LV : Come...share my tree. You are in charge of buying and putting the present under the tree. Muhahahaha...Merry Christmas!

  10. can post the full view christmas tree in your next post ka?

  11. Cynthia : This boy ah...kenot see te monkey harness punya. See aje "lau kai"ask me to put it on for him. *pengsan* Put on jor he will wave bye bye. Some more yesterday he wave bye bye AND MADE FLYING KISS! *double pengsan*

  12. Merry Christmas!! :-)


  13. Errr... i din see the starbie ornament on the tree? Go get one Starbie ornament... it's quite nice @.@

  14. Why was the little boy wearing monkey bag at home? Looks cute...ha ha!

  15. Hahaha.....that's cute to see a masking tape 'hang' there like a Xmas ornament! Can't help smiling about it!

  16. Gallivanter : thank you very much. A Merry and Jolly Christmas to you too.

    TZ : waiting for you to send :p..kekeke

    Lil' Bulb : Coz he currently is "inseparateble" from the monkey

    Alice : I look high and low..last last found it there...kek hei..


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