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Saturday, 19 December 2009

Little Bookworm

Mamarazzi is a bookworm. Devour books like people "makan nasi". Thus, I become little bookworm too.

I also devour books. See ! my teeth mark.

When confronted, I pretend to sleep. Can't blame it on the dog as we don't have a dog.


  1. hahaha... oh lil bookworm :)

  2. Blame it on mama cos she didn't give u something nicer to eat... LOL....
    (mama, is joshua still teething?)

  3. Why smallkucing loves to bite the edge of the book? Yeah smart boy pretend to sleep when mamazazzi discovered!


  4. so clever huh, pretend sleeping *haha*

  5. OMG! why did you bite the books? so you can memorise it better ah?

  6. lol...notty boy..

    A smile from SJ =)

  7. Hahahaha....Juan Or was also like that! Bite! Bite! Bite! People eat rice, but he eats books! :-)

  8. Ouch! for the book, but then again, how can one find fault with such an adorable one? :)

  9. Uli : habis buku kena chew.

    Irene : I guess he thinks "eating" the book is faster than learning to read it gua.

    Claire: It's either the book or my hand...better the book la. Now started chewing the milk bottle nipple. Lucky no more breast feeding him or else.....His teeth come out 7788 already. left 2 or 3 pending

    Dora : Coz his mouth not big enough to chew the middle yet.

    2ma : He either pretend to sleep or make cute face whenever he know he did something wrong

    Cynthia : ya loh :(

    SJ : what to do...

    Alice : Yay! Joshua got gang already. Juan Or can be his chewing buddy.

    Joanna : I don't have to "chop" his name on his books. Coz it's already "marked" by him kakaka

  10. Nice pictures!

    On this day I wrote my first blog post.

    Kind regards,


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