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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Knock! Knock! Who is there?

There was a "Knock! knock!" and Mamarazzi goes "Who is there?"

"Mr.Postman. Got a delivery for some one cute". Wah...that must be me- lar*perasan*

*Rip* Rip*

Wondering what is that?


It's a Magnetic Letters and Numbers playset!


So many colourful numbers and letters. Also a magnetic board too.

Must thank Auntie Claire. Mamarazzi, help help. How to form letters and words leh. You give me the letters and I'll paste.

How ar? If I put the word "auntie" there won't be place enough for the word Claire". Okay la...don't want the word Auntie la. Younger this way ..kekeke..

Senget senget cikit baru ade "style"

Thank you very much Auntie Claire.


  1. Wow! So nice ^_^.

    How nice of Auntie Clarie :). Smallkucing must be really happy ^_^.

  2. aww so sweet

    A smile from SJ =)

  3. Wow so nice your present! You can learn words with Mamarazzi everyday now! Can I borrow and play? :-)


  4. hey.. received already?? hahha.. U r welcome, Joshua... now your mama has more work to do.. teaching u .. but u r smart, u can catch up fast, eh..

    Kathy, u know, this is the first time i bought things online.. hehee.. now i convenient, no need to go rush rush to supermarket and to pos laju..

    Thanks for showing it here.. it is a great pleasure to do this..

  5. Hi Small Kuching, he sure look one happy baby. And thats nice of Reanaclaire....she has a heart of gold.
    By the way, when you going to give him a brother or sister? Heh heh. Best regards, Lee.

  6. Wah.. nice gift lei.. and you did it right, must make Auntie Claire stay young ma.. call cheh cheh... :D

  7. LV: He loves the gift very much :)

    SJ & Joanna: You should see his puzzled look when he saw the letters sticking to the board. Lagi kelakar.

    Dora : sorry no can do, Dora. You are over age. BUT can lend to your CUTE baby :)

    Claire : Thank you very much. Me too rather apprehensive when buying things online. But seems very easy.Some more they gift wrapper the box very nicely leh. Hope you have a nice holiday :)

    Uncle Lee : Yes, she is very kind. Despite knowing her for a few months only, she sent this gift for Smallkucing.

    What a coincidence, yesterday morning I was talking to SK asking him whether he wants a little bro/sis or not. you know what he did? He geleng kepala :D. But then hubby said SK ate too much Indian Rice thus his action also a bit like indian. Therefore geleng kepala not necessary means no :p

    Cynthia : 28 every year ah *wink*

  8. i lurve his expressions. Esp the gerrraaam face when trying to rip the pressie off.. and the waaahhhh look. Hehe.. Ur captions also cute. Today dun have 'no eye see' face ah? :D

  9. goolypop : thanks for dropping by this blog. Hahaha..the geram shot was a lucky shot. :)


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