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Saturday, 5 December 2009

Kiddy Rides at Tropicana City Mall

This is a late post. We went to Tropicana City Mall more than a forth night ago. Wow...many kiddy ride have "mushroom-ed". I had fun ridding with Big Bird.

Cute ride. The steering wheel is like Old Cendol making machine. Turn turn turn.

I took a ride on Thomas & Friends Train. Forgot which train thatwas.

Papa, got RM1 or not? Have to put coin or else the ride won't move wor.

I had the most fun on this Ice Cream Truck.

Uiks!? There was an Ah Moi waving at me. "Lenglui, you want Ice Cream? Come I'll give you an Ice Cream on the house".

*press*press*press* wanna make Ice cream for the LengLui. But too bad the Lenglui too shy to come.


  1. wah.. kiddy rides.. you enjoy yourself a lot ah.. I also know, the car park got buggy facilities de wor, no need to walk to the entrance.. got try or not? hehehe

  2. awww,sesame street characters on kiddy rides.

    A smile from SJ =)

  3. Hahahaha!! Can belanja Auntie ice-cream mou? Auntie not as leng lui as 'that' leng lui but I have a leng lui daughter to introduce to u wor... can?

  4. Cynthia: never used the buggy facilities b4. Next time must try. Aiyo...dont know the man will say am lazy or not leh :p

    SJ : Thanks SJ.Nice to see your blog is active again :)

    Maine Mummy : Can belanja both you and your lenglui daughter ice-cream. But got bring famous ipoh pomelo for me to eat ka? :p

  5. Hi Small Kuching, just saw your comment, and again you disappeared from my radar. I spent 15 minutes searching. Unable to locate you. Sorry unable to read or reply. Lee.

  6. Your little boy and his lenglui... hahaha funny!

  7. Aww..he's driving his first car !! Hehe, cute! Those kiddy rides brings back such nice memories....

  8. Hi Small Kuching, re Irene, it took me weeks to decode from my old diaries. And it was very emotional to bring her back to me again.
    Only 2 women have loved me like this, other one my wife.
    Few times I had to stop constructing as felt emotional, and dared not type anything when wife at home as afraid she wonders why my eyes moist or red.

    And Irene's story was or is the longest posting I have ever done.
    Fortunately I kept the draft when I destroyed, Moonlight and Roses'. I think I kept only a few from that blog.
    Thank you for reading. Glad you enjoy this story....of a love that happened unexpectedly (I did not court her, ha ha), and of the love of a beautiful and gracious, matured lady.
    Have a beautiful Sunday, Lee.

  9. Uncle Lee : Hopefully with my new method of comment, it would be easier for you to located me in your radar :p. And may you never destroy this new blog

    Boey joey: very cheeky boy. Like to eksyen in front of girls

    Joanna: Glad it bring back fond memories :)


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