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Monday, 7 December 2009

Happy Birthday To You!!!

Yesterday was a BIG day. Mamarazzi was busy in the kitchen and the phone buzzing non-stop and Mamarazzi made me wear my new baju bought by Aunty Florence.

Mamarazzi busy in the kitchen making Red Eggs.

And also Ondeh-Ondeh. Special ondeh-ondeh where the Gula Melaka was bought by Kong Kong from Kota Bahru and the Kelapa is Kelapa Muda instead of the usual old coconut. Very hard to get in K.L.

Aunty Florence and Uncle Patrick came with a large bag of Crabs and Fishes. Here is Aunty Florence happily cleaning the crabs.

While all these was going on, I rummaged thru Aunty Florence's handbag. Caught red handed!

Freshly Steamed Crab, by Uncle Patrick and Aunty Florence. Fuiyoh! Very fresh. Very sweet and juicy. No need to add salt . Have to ask Aunty Florence where she get it from.

The "Chai Yui" which Mamarazzi mistakenly heard as "Shar Yui"(Shark fish). Nicely cleaned by Uncle Patrick and fried by Aunty Florence. Syoknya...mamarazzi goyang kaki only.

Jelly. One of my favourite. I can eat and eat and eat.

Wantan mi with Sui Kow. The noodle a bit overcooked but hentam la

Fat Fat Sui Kow in soup.

Fat Fat Fried Sui Kow. Don't play play oh.This Sui kow have a lot of "liu". Got watercrest nut, carrot, prawns, pork, mushroom and Bok Yee . Forgot the "yim sai".

All food are on the table. What else ah?

Where is the Cake?

Jeng~jeng~jeng~ Lovely Fruit Flan Cake made by Aunty Cynthia. Delivered in good condition.

But due to some "inadvertent" shaking at our side, it become like this. Taste? Yum yum...

And we sang

Happy Birthday to U~
Happy Birthday to U~
Happy Birthday to YOU!
Happy Birthday to U~

And we ate the cake.


  1. wah.. so much food ah.. looks like your birthday lei.. where is the birthday girl.. your chiong fong tao ah.. muahahhaa.. :D

  2. wow he's one lucky boy

    A smile from SJ =)

  3. Boy... Happy belated birthday eh~ Next time invite me to your birthday eh~ I'm drooling when looking @ the Yummy steamed Crab... :p

  4. Happy birthday to Small Kuching. Wow! Look at the fantastic dishes!
    Love the crabs especially. Looks delicious!
    Nice red eggs too....
    Bet you all had a swell time.
    Have fun.....and Many happy returns. Best wishes, Lee.

  5. Oppss...thank you but it's neither Smallkucing nor Mamarazzi's Birthday. It's a friend's birthday and so happen the birthday person had requested that the photo not to be published here :p shy shy.

    Smallkucing & Papa's birthday is in February while Mamarazzi's in April *hint*hint* :D

  6. Happy Birthday to the person you celebrating for! Looks like a scrumptious celebration with a lot of food!

  7. Nice birthday cake. I like onde-onde. Wah..u can made them !

  8. The cake is so nice, Cnythia had done a good job :)

  9. LV: all of us kuat makan one :p. 1st round cannot finish , rest awhile and attack again :p

    mNhL & Mummy Moon: very nice cake. Can order from Cynthia next time. She was so kind that she help to surprise my friend by delivering it to the friend's doorstep!Onde-onde is very easy. Just the dough and stuff the gula melaka and boil. Kau time :)

  10. What a wonderful birthday party, the food is just so great, can you pass me the steamed crab dish please! After that I shall have a slice of the pretty cake.

  11. WOW... a lot of food there! I first thought it's Small Kucing's birthday, until I read the comments :-S

    Looks like a great party! Crabs, ondeh-ondeh... *slurp*

  12. Glennis : thanks for visiting my blog. Yup, it was a wonderful celebration :)

    BoeyJoey : The crabs was simply delicious!

  13. A happy belated birthday to Joshua! And many happy returns of the day! Btw, the foodies look yummy! Stomach hungry liao!

  14. Alice : must've missed my erlier comment. It's not his bday. Another friend's bday :p. But all of us had an enjoyable time :)Thankks for the nuffy and biddy. Very hard to catch nuffy. Always play hide and seek.

  15. hehehehe, i thought you or small kuching is sharing the same birthday as my hub. :)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. :) I have add you in my blogroll. :)


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