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Monday, 21 December 2009

Face Painting

Nice or not? I discovered this cream. Supposed to be put on my bum bum but I painted my face with it when Mamarazzi is not watching. Mamarazzi said put this cream on my bum bum so that there won't be any rashes.

I kena a lot of mosquitoes bite on my face. Ugly red dots. Put this cream on my face so that the dots go away ma..kenot meh.....


  1. LMAO.... so cute... was it Drapolene?

  2. hahahaha... you just know how to make use of good things hoh... ask mummy to buy you some aloe vera gel to put on your face, very good... Breanna also using that to put on her face..

  3. hahaha!! Nappy rash cream is it??? Clever boy, but you used the wrong cream. Must tell mummy to tell you which is the correct cream for what....

  4. Hehehehe.....Joshua is cute but naughty! ^ ^

  5. Cleffairy, it's mustella. Quite good for the axx but not for the face :p

  6. Cynthia, wah...breanna already using Aloe Vera cream ah? Never to young to start leng leng ah :)

  7. Rose, ya loh this boy very "oi leang"

  8. have no idea what this naughty boy can and will do. I pengsan

  9. Wen..i wonder what will happen if i bring him for face painting kakaka

  10. Pete : I bet your kids also did this before? Funny hor what these kids can do :p


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