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Friday, 4 December 2009

Child Harness

Anyone still remember the missing child case, Muhammad Nazrin? Gone missing while shopping with his parents at SOGO. Papa and Mamarazzi have been eyeing this item for since I learn how to walk and run. To buy or not to buy. To be view as bad parent for "treating" the kid like a dog on a leash or to take the risk of me being missing as I am a very active child. Papa have 2 eyes and Mamarazzi have four eyes. Enough eyes to jaga me when shopping a a crowded area or not?

They finally got this "bear bear" for me. Actually it's a Monkey but nowadays I call every soft toys as bear bear. The shop have many designs. Got Bear, Horsey, Cow, Monkey, Lion and one more don't know what.

Jeng~jeng~ jeng~Immediate "opening ceremony" after purchase.

Handsome tak?

No need to hold hands ka, Mamarazzi? I can run here and there ah (within the limit)? Hmm...don't think this contraption can tie me up for long. I am learning how to "Pressy"(meaning open) this thingy. I'll give it another 6 months la. Hopefully by then Papa and Mamarazzi will learn to trust me not to simply wander off.


  1. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE4 December 2009 at 12:21

    It's a good idea for child safety but like u said it's kinda "like on a leash"..Maybe ask your son how he felt ;-)

  2. this gadget is a good tool to keep the younglings within limit to their parents... yet I see that it is such a pitiful thing to do.. like chaining down the kids like that :/

  3. your kid can tahan with that contraption on him ka? my daughter would have cried out loud if i put that on her...she can't even tahan to carry her teddy-backpack. not bcos it is heavy but rather the uneasiness of having something strap so close to her..hehe..

  4. Aiyo, kena ikat already! Cannot lari sana sini! LOL!

  5. Joshua looks cute on that. Although some may view it as pitiful on the child, but I think if the child is too active for the parents to control, why not wear harness, because it's better to be safe than sorry, and better be cruel to be kind. By the way, how much did you buy it for?

  6. So fast learning how to open already.. ha!~

  7. hahaha.. you are trap... I remember those days I got a cousin, he will sit on the floor refuse to walk if he is 'latched'...

  8. This is definitely for me. *SIGH* I've talked about child's leash one year ago, and I am finally giving in. I AM BUYING THAT!

  9. He is a very cincai kid. Didnt make noise when in the harnesss. Brought him to Tesco he song-song wear the harness and push the cart.Otherwise he would have been stuck sitting in the cart instead of excercising his feet...and hands.

    Bought that for RM39-90(Normal price) at a baby shop at 1U.

  10. Eiii... the price is quite reasonable. But I am not sure if my son will want wear it tho. *SIGH* He's a hyperactive child, you see... even the kindy couldn't control him. :( run around, climb here and there, lack concentration, and drives poor mummy here CRAZY! I am really considering to buy one...maybe a monkey one... cuz my son jumps around like monkey oso!

  11. Hi Small Kuching, I love that backpack, real cute. Bet the little guy loves it judging from his look.

    By the way, I saw you made 2 comments just now my place. When I cleared you at my Immigration, you disappeared off my Radar.
    Where are you? I searched, unable to locate you....regret unable to read nor reply you.
    Please advise in my current posting, where you are, thank you, Lee.

  12. Cleffairy : if your son is above 3 y o, i doubt that he would want to wear it. Mine is only 22mths. At this stage he loves soft toy. Ya loh..very tiring chasing after a overactive kid.

    Uncle Lee: Am going thru your day 1 post, back in 2007.

  13. Safety first, safety first... a good buy, and looks like your little boy loves it too :-)

  14. Hi just got to know that you have a blog..ha..ha..what cute blog name you have, small kucing. Harness straps is certainly resources for moms who have active kids.

  15. Boey Joey : Yup, he loves it very much :p

    Vie: thanks for visiting my blog. Alamak! when I tried peeking at your blog but the door was locked :p.

    Aci! Aci! ~
    buka pintu~
    Nana pulang pukul satu~

    or is shall i say

    Open Sesame?


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