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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Best Blog Award

Thank you very much, Rose, for this awards. Mamarazzi is speechless that Aunty Rose thinks that this blog is one of the best blog.

Seems the simple rules of accepting this award are :-

[1] Post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his/her blog link.

[2] Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you have recently discovered and think are great!

Alamak! allowed only 15 ar? How to choose? So many great blogs out there.

1) Alice Phua - One of Mamarazzi "sifu"as mamarazzi learn a lot from her blog

2) Princess Breanna - She has captured my heart with her shaking bon bon

3) Uncle Lee - who is gentleman and wrote with much wit and passion.

4) Joanna - a beautiful girl who loves reading as much as Mamarazzi. This just shows that not all pretty girls are empty headed.

5) Pearlyn - who amaze mamarazzi with her homecooked meals

6) TZ - with his amazing photography

7) Agnes Loke - She got a real hot super model daughter. No wonder people say Ipoh have many lenglui

8) Eugene - who wrote frankly and uncensored. Very hard to find nowadays

9) Pete- who seems to be MacGyver. He can fix anything and whip up a delicious meal out of nothing

10) Wenn - who wrote of her life experience. reading her blog makes Mamarazzi feels young once again

11) Mummy Moon - who wrote about her two beautiful kids

12) Lady Viral - who recently got Calpis-ed and made Mamarazzi wanna eat Collon biscuit again

13) Skycity - who brings us news from Kuching.

14) 2ma - oh...what a loving lady. I wonder how was her holiday

15) BoeyJoey - who is very good with her hands. Making nice baju for her kids. Wish Mamarazzi has that talent too.

Some names are not inside here coz Mamarazzi saw that Aunty Rose had listed them down in her list. For those who are not in the above list, please don't be upset. Mamarazzi thinks all your blogs are great too.


  1. Oh wow! You have no idea how flattered I am to be considered for this award !! Mamarazzi, you're too too sweet!! :) Thanks so much

  2. I agree on Eugene and Pete. LOL... Eugene... his blog ok la... where got uncensored? LOL... and Pete...he better be careful lerr... I am planning a raid to his house! LMAO...go raid his kitchen to eat!

  3. I am both surprised and honoured. Thank you very much, Mamarazzi :-).

    And congratulations to you too; very well-deserved :-D

  4. Mamarazzi, thanks so much for the award! I feel flattered to be considered your "sifu"! ^ ^

  5. Joanna: You are welcome. I enjoyed reading your blog very much.

    Cleffairy : Eugene's blog mana ada censor one? What I mean is he will talk anything under the sky and not scared of offending people. Better that way :). By uncensored, I don't mean X-rated la :p

    Rose : Thank you very much

    SJ : glad you are back blogging again. Hope to see more :)

    BoeyJoey : sama-sama :)

    Alice: sifu, you are the one who taught me nuffy and stuffs. kekeke Thank you very much :P

  6. BoeyJoey : Thank you very much for letting me know that I got your link and Skycity link wrong. Aiyo...terrible la me..a thousand apology. Should have double and triple check the post before I publish.


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