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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Batang Panas!

Yay! At KFC again. Wanna try the new "Batang Panas"...kekeke translation from "Hot rods". Woi! Don't be dirty minded la.

One bucket of Chicken and stuffs.

Papa likes original while Mamarazzi likes it spicy.

Jeng~jeng~jeng~ the Hot Rod. Yum..yum...sedap. The meat seems to be from the thigh or drumstick. Very smooth and juicy. This chickn must have joined a gym punya chicken. Overall, satisfied with this Batang Panas.


  1. Oh my ! Yummy! Always wanted to try this but somehow never found the time to stop by for a Batang Panas.. haha

    Spicy is good ... ada oomph and crunchy crunchy :P

  2. Oh feel like want to try the "panas batang" but the weather back to crazily hot now!...


  3. hmmm... i just wondered what batang panas when i read the title of your entry... :p

  4. finger lickin gd..

    A smile from SJ =)

  5. This batang panas look like satay??

  6. Joanna : There is always Take Away, though personally I preferred dine in

    Dora : have it with a 100Plus with salt. Sure wont be heaty.

    TZ : kekeke...what were you thinking ah...

    SJ : Tried already?

    Mummy Moon : can call as satay gua those these are fried instead of grilled


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