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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Ayam Bag!

Hello!!! Ayam Bag(I am Back)!!!

Did you noticed that I was away for nearly a week? Didn't notice leh? Coz Mamarazzi had schedule some posts to be published during our absence.

It had to do with this place. Kong Kong was not well and he had to stay in this place. He stayed in a room called "I See You". I don't know what is this "I See You" room is coz I was not allowed to go into the Hospital at all. Hospital policy. Children under 12 years old not allowed to go in for a visit. Thus the whole time I didn't get to see Kong Kong at all.

I had to stay in the car with Mamarazzi while Mah Mah, Papa and Kaw Kaw went to play "Peekaboo! I see you" with Kong Kong. Hmpf! Tak aci! I "no eye see". I tidur!


  1. Hi Small Kuching, ha ha, you have a nice sense of humour.
    For one moment was wondering what is 'ayam bag'? And 'I see you', ha ha.
    Here's hoping grandpa is recovering well.
    Wishing you and family the best of seasons greetings, have a happy Christmas, Lee.

  2. No wonder didn't see u visit my place... speedy recovery to your Kong Kong ok :-)


  3. hope you kong kong get well soon eh~

  4. Uncle Lee : You are sharp ah :). Yup, Kong-kong no longer playing "I See You". Now he is playing "peekaboo" with the nurses in the normal ward :p. A Merry Christmas to you too. Where is my share of Aunty Lee's cookies?

    Dora: Uiks? U noticed ah :p.Thanks, Kong Kong is out from ICU.

    TZ : Thanks, TZ :)

  5. Get well soon ya :) guai guai...

  6. hope your gong gong get well soon... btw, mamarazzi very sai sum hoh, want to go "I see you' also do some post to let us read...

  7. Sorry to hear that! Hope Kong Kong get well soon!

  8. the way Mamarazzi writes her blogpost! Humorous and witty! And Joshua looks very cute when sleeping! Hope Kong Kong is well already.

  9. Uli : thanks for the well wishes :)

    Cynthia : This Mamarazzi a bit Moh Liu so sap sap sui punya barang also blog lor :p

    Pete : We hope so too. Thanks :)

    Alice : Life needs a dose of humour :). Kong Kong have been discharged from that hospital today and fly to KL to be admitted into another hospital. Hopefully will get better medical care :)

  10. hey..tell this auntie here what is ayam bag la.. i blur understand :)

  11. Claire: It's from the Samy joke. One day he was overseas but can't speak or something so he used sign. He held up a chicken, a goat and a bag. So the big boss was puzzle la what he was trying to say. Then a fella hit the jackpot.."I'm Coming Back"(Ayam Kambing Bag) :p

  12. lol. ayam kambing bag! if one day i run out of words, ayam afraid whoever i need to interpret this to may just take my chicken and goat and go cook a storm.

  13. I know this comment is very late but hope kong kong is recovering well. LOL on your jokes!

  14. Tuti looking forward to your chicken rendang and sup kambing :p

  15. Thanks, mNhL. He came out from the hospital already and recupering at home:)


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