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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Alpha Optical, Pertama Complex

Cannot see!

Ciak! Can see already! Remember Mamarazzi's post on "Pecah"?Mamarazzi went to the optical shop on Saturday to get her spec fixed. Normally due to the high power, it would takes a few days for the spectacles to be ready. But surprisingly, the lady boss called Mamarazzi on Sunday afternoon and said that it's ready for collection.

Very efficient service. Must be Aunty Enny's name is very powerful here. Desperate situation need desperate measure. But frankly, from previous experience, this shop really provide good service. Mamarazzi have been "Phong Chan-ing" this shop since Aunty Enny introduced her to this shop.

Other shop that Mamarazzi went to always ask Mamarazzi to increase the power of her spectacles. Thus her vision become worse and worse. Instead this shop encouraged Mamarazzi to do some simple exercises for her eye so that the vision won't deteriorate more.

Here is Mamarazzi's new spectacles. Very similar to her previous spectacles.

This is the old spectacles which the shop had replaced the glass. To be kept as a back-up.

Mamarazzi recommend this optical shop to those who wish for good service. Price is not that expensive as compared to others.

Address : Alpha Optics & Contact Lens Centre, Lot 1.80(1st Floor opposite Staircase), Pertama Shopping Complex, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, 50100 Kuala Lumpur. Tel L 03-2693127


  1. wah.. your mamarazzi go all the way there to get the spec ah.. don't break lagi ok..

  2. how much did it cost.. the other day i went to fix mine, rm300 for a new frame and half the lens.. cos one len was spoilt... like that also 300rm leh... hahahaha...

  3. Cynthia : Now I've got a spare pair.Not so bad. :)

    Claire: Frame was RM180 reduced to RM100. Replace 1 lens RM100. Made two more lens for the new specs RM200. Coz my lens is the "chew pok"(Super thin?) glass thus a bit pricey.


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