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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Ah Mah's Delicious Thong Yuen

Yesterday morning I peeked and I saw these. many colourful bubulat. Ah Mah says it's Winter Solstice Festival. Eat liao these Thong Yuen means older 1 year. Like that how old am I now ah? Borned 1 year old, last Winter Solstice another 1 year older, birthday another 1 year older and this Winter Solstice another 1 year older...huh.. I am 4 years old already ah?? But how come Mamarazzi said I am only 22 months old geh? Confusing....manyak pusing...

Ah Mah's Thong Yuen is much nicer and colourful than Mamarazzi's punya. Mamarazzi learned a new trick. Rupa-rupanya, she has been doing it wrong previous years. Supposed to boil the Thong Yuen and put into cold water first before putting it into the sugar syrup.

You want some of Ah Mah's Thong Yuen? I brought back 1 small packet. Very sedap.


  1. Happy Tang Yuen small kucing. How many you ate?

  2. Yum yum... I'm looking forward to eat my tong yuen tonight too :-)

  3. hey once you eat the thong yuen ... no more small kucing eh~ One year older :p

  4. Wah very colourful! Made tong yuan until quite late last night!
    Happy Winter Solstice Festival!

  5. wah... many colour wor... nice nice... can send some over or not ah?

  6. Uli : Happy Thong Zhi to you and your family too :)

    Rose : Smallkucing ate quite a few duno kira as how old now. 1 biji = 1 yr?

    BoeyJoey: Happy Thong Zhi :). Hope you have a happy family gathering.

    TZ : 1 yr older and hopefully 1 year wiser :p

    Pete: Where is your Thing Yuen? Posted? wanna see. Happy Thong Zhi to you and your family too. Hope your FIL is well again.

    Cynthia : ya wor...the green colour is original pandan leaf. That's why its dark green.

  7. I love the colors! Looks yummy!

  8. hey, your tong yuen looks very attractive la.. beautiful colors.. i wanna taste some too.. may i? hahaha.. i just posted mine, my mum made them too..

  9. Anney : Thanks for dropping by my blog. The thong Yuen is yummy!

    Claire : Beautiful leh. Coz the Ah Mah very innovative :p

  10. Wow, many color eh, first time i see green tong yuen hehe, ulu me.

  11. Hi Small Kuching, a friend of ours here just made some for us. Have not eaten these years. Anyway, who wants to grow old? Not me, ha ha, Lee.

  12. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE23 December 2009 at 12:15

    Belated Happy Dong Zhi to u & your happy family :)

  13. Thank you, Robinson :) Hope you had a nice Dong Zhi too.


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