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Thursday, 26 November 2009

X-Cut atTesco Mutiara Damansara

Jeng~Jeng~jeng~ Lady Ghost!'s only Mamarazzi. She have not been for a hair cut ever since was born. Thus, looked a bit ghostly. If taxi saw her at night sure won't stop punya and in fact her life might even be in danger for the taxi might even go ahead and langgar her. Hmm...I wonder whether she has add my name as Beneficiacry in her insurance policies yet...

She wass not keen to go to her regular hair saloon since it would normally takes hours for a simple hair cut. That's why she end up at X-Cut Saloon which is related to A-Cut-Above. Boast of a 15minutes haircut for a mere RM16. Saw many times before but Mamarazzi dare not go in. Scared the hair cut will turn out teruk. Well, she finally found courage to try out this shop. Praying hard for things to turn out right.

Huh? Who is this?

Mamarazzi's "new look". She is very satisfied with the service and the works done. Very fast and professionally done. Worth every sen. No need to wait a few hours for a hair cut. No idle shop talk nor gossiping. Mamarazzi dislike like idle talks in hair saloon. Will definately "Pong Chan" again in the future.

They even have a card like those Coffee Bean card. Buy four hair cut, get one free.


  1. looks good...

    sometimes, a saloon takes up more time and cost more too... now a days all those speedy hair cut place can do alot... as long as we are not looking for styles, it is fine :).

  2. seriously, after all these years(mamarazi said so) you truly deserve a hair cut or a X-Cut for that matter.........

  3. A Full-Timed Housefly26 November 2009 at 14:33

    Now I can see your 庐山真面目also 四眼田鸡like me !hahahahaaha

  4. How come after hair cut, the hair still long? hehe...

  5. what a lovely mama u have, small kucing, the taxi definitely wont langgar her, of course, but would give her a free ride home.. right?

  6. nice hair cut! have a good wkend ya

  7. I will definitely go back there again for future hair cuts as am satisfied with their service.


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