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Friday, 20 November 2009

The Story Of The Missing Keys

This is reenactment of what happen a few weeks ago when Uncle Hock came over. I found his keys on the small table.

Then I was playing with them.

I remembered that Papa press the blue button to unlock the car doors then start the car with the keys. I think Uncle Hock's key can b used to start my car-car.

When I finished playing with my car-car, I remember something that Mamarazzi said.

Must always keep away my toys after playing with them.

That is how Uncle Hock's keys end up inside my Car "boot" and everyone search high and low for it for nearly an hour.

Not my fault, right? Shouldn't scold me, right? I was just trying to be a good boy mar...


  1. Oh dear!! But he is a good boy, dont scold him lah....

  2. Dont scold me lah, Lewis Hamilton was exactly like me when he was small, but look at him now,, champion lor.

    hey have a great weekend

  3. Looks like he listen well... but better not teach him to keep the car key sin the boot... unless there is a spare haha!

  4. Haha~ Such a good behaviour to 'keep' everything after you played it.. ;)

  5. you win liao lor... coz you keep everything as per instruction.. so, nobody can scold you.. hehehe..

  6. time auntie see you, you don't keep my car keys like tat har?

  7. That is not your fault at all. Why didn't uncle keep the key safely somewhere.

  8. hehehe... really really cute and cheeky looking!! i agreed with was not your fault.. blame the adults hor..

  9. Haiya! Such a cute boy! Cute antics also! Actually can't really blame Joshua also....why didn't Uncle Hock keep his car keys straght into his pocket?


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