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Friday, 13 November 2009

Salted Chicken From Aun Kheng Lim, Ipoh

The other day Mamarazzi received this package from Kaw Poh. Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken. Very famous in Ipoh.

Nicely wrapped in grease proof paper

Sorry ya. Looks a tad ugly. Mamarazzi's fault la. Tear the paper so roughly after reheating the Chicken.

Look into my eyes... Trust me... Do you trust me? Trust me when I say despite the "ugly" look, the Chicken tasted super duper (1000x) delicious. Inside there is Gei Zhi and Dong Guai. The meat was very sweet and tender. Next time we go Ipoh, I must really tell Papa to borong 10 birds. One is simply not enough.


  1. I love salted chicken! Appetizing

  2. Walauwey...sedap delicious !

  3. I like salted chicken too. But never tried the Ipoh one before. Wow...very tempting. Drooling now.

  4. My colig just back fr ipoh and bought me salted chicken also.. very nice and yummy!~

  5. Pasar malam ones not nice geh. This Ipoh punya really sedap and many ppl buy. Aiyo LPM you so lucky ah your colleague buy for you. sedap hor.

  6. Wa... I haven't ate this for a REALLY long time~ I do miss it alot~

  7. hi smallkucing, i just ate this 2 days ago, bought one for dinner as a dish.. we ended just tearing out the flesh and eat.. no need to chop it up... lol..

  8. Ladyviral - Are you from Ipoh ?

    Claire -I so envy you. Good food is everywhere. No need to travel far to get. Unlike KL have to travel far.


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