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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Restaurant Lai Yong, Subang Perdana


Fishes swimming here and there. Mamarazzi not feeling so well. Not cooking. Thus come to the nearby Lai Yong Restaurant for a simple dinner. This Restaurant seems changed a lot since the last time we've been here. When was that ah? I think I was just a few months old then. The staffs there recognised me but I can't recognise them.

Taufu with bit of mince meat. Nice presentation but portion a bit small. Aiyo...1 piece of taufu sliced into 4 quarters. To make the dish looked more ka? Less is more and more is less so = molest?? kekekeke

Lotus soup. Taste very nice. Boiled long enough. People say "enough fire". Just too bad that the lotus root itself become lembik like taufu. Otherwise it would be perfect.

Choi Tham. This one I like. though cut into 4 quarters again but the vegetable taste young.

Marmite Mantis Prawns. Mamarazzi complaint that it tasted too sweet while earlier on she said the taufu too salty.

But nevermind la. eat with rice should be just nice. I am hungry liao.

Ha? Got rice on my nose? wipe please. Total damage to the wallet, RM44.


  1. Hope you are feeling better now.

  2. 3 ppl can eat so much? Geng! :)

  3. wah... i love the mantis .. u seem to be eating out quite frequently too.. ok , the price is reasonable enough..nice white mole u have there.. hahaa...

  4. Thanks. Feeling much better already. The food portion is not that big. Ordered for 2 person portion. Thus no problem finishing. With the smallkucing around...have to order extra rice loh..kakaka


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