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Thursday, 12 November 2009


We went for morning tea at near Sg Buluh market. Mamarazzi went to the market to buy something.

She saw an oldlady selling home grown rambutans. The fruits is smaller than usual.The lady let Mamarazzi taste a fruit. The fruit tasted very sweet and chinese say "lak kang" despite its unripe look.

Mamarazzi peeled the whole bunch and put the fruits into the fridge so that Papa and me can enjoy it cold. Yummy....


  1. nice nice rambutans ah... and me too, like to peel and keep the 'hairy fruit' in the fridge.. :D

  2. Ohh..I like to peel rambutan and keep them in the fridge. Then eat them when they are COLD. ~ Yummy ~

  3. Haha...

    Remember...don't eat too much rambutan. It brings cough all the way.

  4. Oh Rambutans! But for this current weahter.. it is even advisable to have rambutans? :/

  5. Wah...this reminds me that long time I didn't eat rambutan already!

  6. He is okay with rambutan. Not one of his favourite but can eat. Ya..Rambutan cause cough but eat a bit should be ok :)

  7. Opps, rambutan, I can't take too much of it....I always ended up with sore throat


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