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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Pedypak Warehouse Sale at Pandamaran

The warehouse for the pedypak sale.

A lot of toys. Price ranging from RM3 to RM35. Mamarazzi saw a lady holding a Mini Laptop selling for RM35 only! But too late. People habis grabbed liao...huh huh huh...

Swing set, play house and various playset. Price range RM100+ to RM300+ depending what you want.

Bicycles. Mamarazzi didnt see the prices.

Hah! This is what we come for. Mamarazzi had thrown away my Red Car coz the steering broke. She promised to get a new one for me. Alamak! those cars are too big for me and price are from RM180 onwards.

Those cars pulak too small. Oh ya..they are selling various size of baby/toddler car seat. And Pram/stroller too..
I wanted this one but mamarazzi said it's too "girlish".

That's how I ended up with the one. I love this one too. RM99 only. Saw selling in the shops for RM199!

Apart from that, mamarazzi also bought me this. RM15

This racing car with tracks. RM8.

Papa was very excited and wanted to play with my race track!

Opps... Licence L. why the track become round geh? kekeke...Tu diagram don't wanna read.

Papa showing me how to "PRESS". need la Papa. Pasal Press, I expert punya. Got lotsa training from pressing Mamarazzi's old Yamaha organ.

PRESS!! Betul tak?


  1. so many toys! How lucky u r. Warehouse sales is always fun to shop! Btw, given u a $miled.

  2. hehehe... this warehouse sales not really suitable for me :p

  3. Thank you, mNhL :) Te more $mile you giveme the more toy can be bought ..kekeke..Very cheap oh the toy. Geram didnt get the mini laptop. Shopping complex selling for over RM139.

    TZ- why not ngum you? Got some adult bicycle. Cycling for excercise is good. Some more Christmas is coming. Can make your neices and nephew happy if you can getsome toys for them :p

  4. Wah, good bargain....but Pandarmaran too far for me, go and come back around 100km leh! LOL

  5. Not that far from my place..kekeke. Anyway, had promised smallkucing a new "car" for him since I've thrown away his old car. Pity him.

    The day after I've thrown away the red car, he saw the broken steering on the table. Spoken his longest sentence ever. "Mamamama where car car?" at the same time pointing to the door.


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