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Saturday, 28 November 2009


*Uwahhh*crying* Mamarazzi pulled my ears.*sob*soob*sob*

Last night while we were at LCCT fetching Kong Kong and Mah Mah, I accidentally broke Mamarazzi's only pair of spectacles. Now Mamarazzi is as blind as a bat.

This morning Papa sent Mamarazzi to the optical shop to have her spectacles fix. Mamarazzi needs high power lenses which have to be specially order from the factory. The nice lady boss said she tried to get it done by Monday for Mamarazzi. Meantime Mamarazzi had to use her old pair of spectacles which is very old and which made her feel very dizzy when she have them on. Hopefully Mamarazzi can have her spectacle by Monday or else it would be a forth night before she can see well again.


  1. Make sure u use the correct milk powder when making milk for boy boy.....don't mistakenly use papa muscle building whey protein! LOL1

  2. oh.. next time be careful ya... or no next time liao lor..

  3. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE29 November 2009 at 12:47

    hAHAHA....This is funny.....The "price" to be paid

  4. Very cham leh without specs...using old spec which power not mgum made me dizzy. The good news is that I can pick up my new specs tomorrow. :)

  5. Poor Mamarazzi! Good to know that you can have your specs soon. By the way, if Juan Or break my specs, I'll also end up like you - as blind as a bat! Cannot drive to work some more ah! My power for each eye is 545 or 600. How much is yours?

  6. Got the specs yesterday. Am satisfied with the service of the shop. It's in Pertama Complex and pricing is not steep.


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