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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Natural Vege Wash

Mah Mah gave Mamarazzi this bottle of VegeWash some months ago. Said can wash away the chemicals from vegetables and fruits.

Today Mamarazzi try it out on Kai lan coz Kai Lan usually have a layer of white thing on the leaf which is hard to get rid off. According to the instruction, a tiny bit and soak for 3minutes. Uiks! so much buble geh. Safe or not this product?

After soaking, the Kai Lan is noticeably "cleaner" and more "shiney". Side effects..unknown yet.

Hmm....I wonder if Mamarazzi put a few drops of this in my bath, would my face be some "shiney" ar? Then I can truly be a handsome boy.....


  1. Got one bottle from Amway, my wifey bought....did not use it...I think expired already! LOL!

  2. Already a handsome boy, now wanna be a shiny handsome boy?!?! hahaha

  3. Hmm....really ok arr? I've seen these liquid detergent in the hypermarket (other brand) and was always thinking if they are safe to use. hehe...anyway...never try, never know.

  4. It is safe? It would like using detergent to clean...

    If I gave my mom that, she will probably freak out at all the bubbles~

  5. Wah! Really a lot of bubbles wor.......

  6. The Kai Lan comes out quite clean. But I won't use it that often. Not sure how safe it is eventhough the label say safe.


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