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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Loh Mai Farn

I am very worried. I can sense that I'll be Guinea Pig again. Mamarazzi is making Loh Mai Farn again. Attempting to duplicate the taste as Ijok Beggar Chicken Rice. Hmm...I thought mamarazzi had blogged about it but seems no. Nevermind, next time la. The next time we go Ijok then will snap the photos.

What's in Mamarazzi's Loh Mai Farn? Similar to the last time Loh Mai Kai but this time the ingredient is really "fung fu lor". Mushroom, scallop, lap cheong, dried oyster, dried har mai, chicken meat, pork meat and last but not least...Loh Mai la..kakaka... Wanna eat?


  1. So did u eat up all those loh mai farn, small kucing? your mum cook all these with love and passion... yeah..
    i love to eat pulut rice during my younger days, i could wallopped a lot but nowadays, i cut down a lot.. so whatever food, enjoy while u r young! :)

  2. where are you staying? Auntie Cynthia will take Breanna along... I want to eat!! :p

  3. Very true, claire. Whatever food must enjoy while young.

    No problem, Auntie Cynthia. Just drop Mamarazzi a mail and she can prepare for you and Princess. I wanna play with Princess.

  4. Wah... so fong fu one sure must be very yummy! salivating here :-P

  5. This is my hubby's favourite! I can't take too much because my stomach very poor in digestion. Go with fried peanuts = awesome!

  6. I copied the recipe a bit from the Beggar Rice shop in Ijok, Boey Joey

    I cant take much too, mNhL.

  7. The colour looks good! Must be nice!

  8. taste ok -ok la. Not as good as the Ijok ones


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