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Thursday, 12 November 2009


Today marks another one of my "achievements" which nearly resulted in free Roti Panjang to eat.

Mamarazzi made a bottle of milk for me to drink just like this and I was drinking it in my cot when Mamarazzi left the room to get the mosquitoes spray.

The moment that Mamarazzi not around to watch me, I climb out of the cot. Closes the door and locked the door from the inside. Easy. Just a push of a button kau tim. Yup, my hand can reach the door knob liao.

While Mamarazzi tried to turn the knob, I was laughing gleefully in the room. But then, Mamarazzi went and get the spare key... uh-oh........


  1. wah..nasib baik.. last time my hubby climbed the window from the garden to open the bedroom door cos we dont hv a spare key.. nasib baik the window got key hanging at the side..hehe...

  2. Hello Small Kuching, ha ha, real cute guy....cheeky too.
    Wait till he grows up...going to make SYT's take a number, ha ha.
    Have fun and keep well, Lee.
    ps, good to keep a spare key....
    A mother here had to phone the Fire station send an emergency truck over...her kid had done the same thing, spare key in the room.

  3. A Full-Timed Housefly13 November 2009 at 01:34

    Hahahaha... naughty naughty !

  4. Ha ha, I better be careful also, my little toddler should be able to reach the door knob soon! Too active, pengsan!

  5. Ai yo.... I will feel panic if can't find the key.

  6. you so tall already can reach the knob ah? did you kana smack by Mamarrazi when she enter? muahaha.. naughty naughty ah.. :D

  7. I have been expecting this to happen since the day he start stacking up two weighting machine to open the door. Thus no panic when he locked the door

    Uncle Lee, let's hope it's SYT that will be taking a number and not HYM(handsome young man) *horror*

  8. Wah.. so clever, know how to lock the door... but Mamarrazi is even smarter! LOL

  9. Waaa naugthy~ Lucky got spare key... else maciam mana?


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