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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

It's A Guessing Game

I wonder....

What plant is this? As far as Mamarazzi know, she throw some bits of Cili Padi into this pot but this doesn't look like Cili Padi plant to me. Wonder what it is. Will update on this in a week or two ...provided that it didn't go to Plant Heaven la.


  1. guess no more, it must be chili padi,hahahah( as if i was not told), dont worry with a lot of TLC, it will sure come to fruition.

    hey take care now

  2. So nice to see it grow. Gave u a $miled.

  3. it needs more sun, as it is growing very tall with no leaves :)

  4. Hope it grows and survice. I dont have green fingers, what ever I plant either it very short and dont bear fruits or die :p

  5. Hello smallkucing

    My first time here. Looks like you blog lots about your kid and made story out of him. Interesting.

    Nice meeting you.

  6. Thanks for all the encouragement and tips. Hope the plant will survive :p

    Willie, Thanks for dropping in. Nice meeting you too.

  7. plant heaven? hahha.. .kaput? no la...give it water and sunshine..can get chilipadi already... :)

  8. Ok, we're here waiting patiently too...


  9. Ooooh Chilli Padi plant to grow~ Our died after my brother ate all the chilli padi...

    Thank you for patronizing my blog :D. I like the way you post, cute ;).

  10. Should see it blooming soon...then lots of chili padi!

  11. I like the way you put it,"...provided it didn't go to Plant Heaven"....very cute!

    Eeer....doesn't look like chili padi plant to me loh....must be something else.

  12. In this pot there are 2 stalks of spring onion that is dying for a week and a stalk of money plant that refused to live but also refuse to died for over 1 year. Now Mamarazzi throw in cili padi. That's why Mamarazzi is hoping for this mysterious plant to survive so that she'll know what is it. Hopefully is cili padi la.


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