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Saturday, 7 November 2009

I Wanna Be The Future Richard Clayderman

The other day Mamarazzi spring cleaning again. Found Mamarazzi's old Yamaha Organ. Surprisingly, it still in fair working condition after nearly 20 years in storage. Just hentam it a few time...muhahaha.

Unfortunately, Mamarazzi have forgotten how to play it except from "Mary Had A Little Lamb". Nevermind music score I can just pakai hentam aje la. Maybe when I am bigger Kor Kor Jon's Mummy can teach me?


  1. Ha ha, good to start learning music early!

  2. currently more like creating noise :p

  3. Oh..the house will be filled with music! Btw, given u a $miled.

  4. A young Beethoven! Mama, u better send him to music class soon.. never know he might be better than Beethoven..

  5. Oh great, A future pianist at home! I've added u in my blogroll. Happy Sunday!


  6. good to start learning now..

  7. LOL...still to young to see yet.

  8. I always see smallkucing's pictures, but this the first time I see him in video... so cute!!! :-D

  9. Coz video file takes up a lot of space and very slow to upload here. I havent learn the trick how to link video from YOUTUBE to here :(. Any suggestion? Boey Joey

  10. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE11 November 2009 at 12:32

    Yeah better start when very young age wor:-D

  11. Must be a whole lot of fun for Joshua! Press here, press there got sound already! Some more got background music to accompany! hahaha...Mamarazzi can start planning to send Joshua for music lessons when the time comes. Better start young when finger bones are still 'soft' and easy to mould.


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