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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Handle With Care By Jodi Picoult

Mamarazzi have been a fan of Ms Jodi Picoult since Kaw Kaw L.C. introduced her to read My Sister's Keeper.

Handle With Care is Jodi Picoult new book. Well, not so new as it has been around since earlier this year. Mamarazzi didn't buy since she is so kedekut...oppss..i mean thrifty. Waited for the small size paperback to come out baru buy.

Anyway...back to the book.

Really tabik Ms Jodi as she can really churn out some heart breaking story.

This one is about a mother, Charlotte O'Keefe who discover her baby(Willow) have Osteogenesis Imperfecta(Brittle Bone Disease).

Mamarazzi read till page 7, eyes already red. By page 11, "pipe bocor" already.

Just imagine how painful it is to have been wishing for a baby for donkey years. Tried every thing. Then finally pregnant. The obsetrician, Piper, who is Charlotte's best friend and also her matchmaker performed the usual test on her. Found everything is OK. Then on the 27th week, they scanned again. Saw the baby have some broken bones *sob*sob*sob*.

Later it was dignosed to have OI. Chances of baby dying during birth is high and even if baby survive, baby might be crippled.

When the baby was born, the nurse took her and immediatey there is a popping sound. A or some bone broke. And later when a nurse comes to check the diaper, some rib broke and pierce the lung. Baby nearly died. The doctor even ask Charlotte whether she wants to sign a Do No Resusitate Form(DNR)!

More heartache to come in the book. The baby didn't die. Willow survived.

Money was tight. Very tight. Willow's medical need increased more and more. Some not cover by insurance

Then due to an incident that happen on a much anticipated family vacation, the family was given a "lifeline". That incident lead them to look for a lawyer. The husband, Sean, wanted to sue the people that ruin their holiday.

Instead, the lawyer found that it's not viable. But upon perusal of their case, the lawyer found that they can file a "Wrongful Birth" against Charlotte's obstetrician, Piper.

This opened a gigantic can of worms. Means that Charlotte have to go in the Court and say that if she knew Willow has OI, she would have had an abortion. How could she do that when Willow is her world now?. It would hurt Willow tremendously and scar her for life if Charlotte say that. On the other hand, without the monetary payout if they win the case, Willow can't have a comfortable life. What will happen to her after Sean and Charlotte dies?

Well, the ensuing lawsuit not only ruins Charlotte and Piper's friendship along with Charlotte's marriage and relationships with both her daughters.

Ending.....I'll leave you to read. But be sure to get a lot of tissue paper or better yet a bucket ready. Ahem...not a recommended reading for those who are pregnant.


  1. that sounds so sad... but i don't believe it is thoroughly piper's fault... because afterall all uch tigns are told to the mummy and it is up to the mummy to decide to give birtht o the baby or not. :/

  2. My fren also recommended this author.. i have yet to read her books.. so how much is that book?i also kedekut to buy books..prefer to rent... :)

  3. Yes, LV. Her books are all very touching.

    Claire: I bought it at full price RM32.90 since I beh tahan to wait :p. Very nice author

  4. I hope the ending is not a sad one....

  5. Chee Yee- I dont wanna spoil the story forthose who have yet to read :p


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