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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Hailam Kopitiam, Mutiara Damasara

Additional to yesterday's "saga" blog.

*Mang Chang face* why aren't we home yet. I am tired of waiting. Waiting in the car, waiting in the shop, waiting the restaurant...and now another round of waiting ka? Where is this place?

Hailam Kopitiam. Mamarazzi don't know what to eat so just tembak eat here as it's on our way on also.

Who ordered Kari Mee? Night time eat Kari Mee not scared of indigestion ka? But on another note, the service is very fast and efficient.

Very crispy Fu Chuk on the top. There are Chicken Meat there. Taste good though a bit oily. RM7.20.

No eyes see.....Mamarazzi drinking Kopi O solate. Later cannot sleep cham loh.

Hailam Kopi O RM2-20 or was it RM2-10. Around there la. Taste very thick and strong. Like it.

Arrr...what is that? looks so ugly.

Papa order some sort of Fried Noodle or something. It's Yellow Noodle. Fried like some sort of "Mun Yee Mee" style. Papa said taste okay though presentation not that nice. The vegetable is sweet. Forgot the price.

Hmm...for me....?

Wah...ingat I am Kambing again meh??? so much vegetable. Vege Soup ah?


It's Chicken Hor Fun. Wah Lau Eh....Chicken not shredded leh. They put so much Chicken inside. Mamarazzi counted and found that there were 6 pieces. So generous ah? The Chicken very tasty but the Hor Fun so-so only. Not smooth enough. Price RM7-20.

Oh ya...Mamarazzi requested me to ask about your experience when snapping photos of food when you were at a restaurant. Did you noticed the change of attitute of the restaurant owner and staffs? Mamarazzi sometimes feels that they are watching her as if she's been released from Tg. Rambutan Hospital and/or sometimes the service suddenly becomes better. Is she over sensitive?


  1. Can Smallkucing finish the hor fun? Yeah... kids tend to be cranky when their sleeping time is approaching. My daughter was still OK. But my boy.... hohoho, will want me to carry him all the time. So it's a torture when we attend wedding dinner.

  2. Wah..the chicken 'hor fan' really got big chunk of chicken inside. As for the photo taking, I never noticed their reactions. I just snap and eat. Still have to pay le!

  3. He can finish off the whole bowl of hor fun a?

  4. No he can't finish the whole bowl of Hor Fun. Just enough to fill the stomach since he didn't have any dinner earlier on.

    Very true, Chee Yee. Hard to get him to sit down quietly nowadays. Boys ma.

  5. once when I took photo in one of the restaurant, the owner come ask me, "you reporter ah"? muahahah... I just say.. no la, but I do write up for some high tech magazine (in my heart: my blog) hehehe.. then suddenly hoh, you see those ppl service super nice and fast.. muahaha... :D

  6. Really ah? Cynthia. I don't think my mind would have spin so fast..kakaka

  7. Hahaha... so cute the way you write your story with your little boy's different expressions! Truly enjoy reading it :-D


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