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Monday, 2 November 2009

Fruit Juice

Mamarazzi saw that I love drinking fruit juice at the restaurants and she doesn't want me to drink that much of Nutrigen nor Ribena. Said fruit juice is better.

One morning she made starfruit juice for me.

This is my first time tasting Star Fruit Juice.

And this is my reaction.


  1. Hahahahah! His reaction.. really cute!~

  2. Yummy...fresh fruit juice is very healthy. Good to cure constipation too.

  3. Good boy!! And Mummy also very good!! Put in effort to make fresh juices for Joshua!!!!

  4. that's a reaction that the juice if sour is it? how about adding some honey in there?

  5. hahaha... cute reaction! It must be very sour!


  6. Whoahahaha! Love his expression. :)

    I bet the starfruit juice is sour? :P

  7. He likes sour things..but I guess because I didnt add any sugar that's why the expression. Ya hor...should have add honey. Thanks for the idea, Cynthia :)

    Sometimes I make orange juice or him but guess the orange is sweet sour la. Now he can saw "O jui" = orange juice. kakaka

  8. the little boy real cute, i love his style.. :) n the food in the best taste.. i m sure!


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