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Friday, 27 November 2009

Choya, Royal Honey

Five years ago, last week........

Nothing fancy this year. No gai-gai nor dinner at fancy restaurant. Papa had to work on that day. Poor Papa came home with a fever but he didn't forget to bring home this gift for Mamarazzi.

It's a traditional Japanese drink with natural honey and royal jelly. Good for relaxation after a day of hard work.

There are some plums in it.

I throw a tanturm when they don't allow me to drink. In the end, Mamarazzi relented and let me dip a finger into the glass to test. Well, better than nothing*dip*dip*dip*. Taste very nice. Like asam boi drink except than it got alcohol in it. I think Aunty Woo will like it very much. No strong herbal smell like in DOM.


  1. I hpe he did not get drunk! hahaha!

  2. did smallkucing get drunk?:P

    looks like an expensive item. honey is always good for health that it for sure :).

  3. Hi Small Kuching, your mention of 'assam boi' brought back memories....used to pinch a few from my sisters old days.
    Guess that drink is good, huh? Got alchohol? Hmmm, must check it out.
    Hope hubby is feeling better now. Give him a massage, he'll feel good.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  4. Happy Anniversary to you & your hubby! I saw this Choya drinks a few times but never taste before. Since Smallkucing said nice, I guess it's something really nice! hehehe... Happy Weekend!


  5. I've posted comment yesterday but got error. Try again today. Happy anniversary to u & hubby. Never drink this honey before. Sounds very nutritious.

  6. Uncle Lee- Yes, it have 15% alcohol. Nice. Hubby is well again after drinking Hor Yan Hor and took some medicine. East meet west ..kakaka

    Dora- ya this drink quite nice. I dare not drink much. Scare pengsan kekeke

    LV- Nt that expensive. Less than RM200 from the airport

    Rose- Nope he didnt get drunk but Mamarazzi was wiwangwang.:p

    mNhL & Dora - thanks forthe wishes :)

  7. This drink is very nice....

  8. Choya choya, hic hic... hahahahahah... make auntie cleff high high wan! LOL...


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