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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Chili's, Bangsar

This is a very late post. Mamarrazi some how forgotten about this batch of photos.

We were at Restaurant Chili's in Bangsar again. Funny. What's the Waitress doing?

Seems that the Waiter and Waitress in all Chili's Restaurant have to squat down to take customers' order. I wonder what's the reason for that?

I also wanna copy la *scribble*Scribble*scribble*

May I take your order please?

Papa, Mamarazzi conteng the piece of paper that the Waitress gave me. I thought it's for me to play with. Mamarazzi pulak yang play.

Mamarazzi's Long Island Tea. After drink, can float like a Balloon punya.


Complimentary Kiddy meal. Mamarazzi selected Little Mouth Burger for me.

Eat with hands can ah? This burger is not so LITTLE leh. As large as my face. How to finish ah?

Mmmm.... GOOD!

Give me THREE more.

Nanchos.Yum yum. Papa can finish one plate of this in a blink of the eyes. Mamarazzi who is not very brave especially with things that has cheese, took a bite. Not bad. In fact it taste good. But she didn't eat much as she was looking forward to her Steak. comes the Steak.

New York Strip Steak. Looks nice but unfortunately the taste was uneven. Maybe not marinate evenly or something.

OOOOooo...some more food. That looks delicious!

Fajita Trio. . .known to me as Ang Moh Popiah...kakaka..Grilled Chicken, Beef and Prawns.

Inti for the "popiah".

The "popiah" skin. Put a bit of everything above on the "popiah" skin. Wrap it up and eat. A very balanced meal. For me, I ate the skin like eating roti canai la.


  1. Sorry, if i had to make a choice between TGIFriday and Chili, i will say no to Chili.

    Been to Chili (Penang's) twice, the foods were only so so, what frustrating was the service rendered, as compared to TGIF, the first time there, we liked, went back the second time, to see if the service was consistent,indeed it was. We have since deserted Chili for TGIF, and we will always go there about twice a month or 3 or 4

  2. nutritious food for children..

  3. They waiters and waitress have to be lower than the customers it is a way of saying that, i am your server, you are in a higher ranking than me... some sort like that.

    TGIF and Chilli's i have been to both a number of times, but i like chilli's for their nachos only some how :).

  4. For me, I kesian see the waiter/waitress. They also cari makan only ma. What to do. Work is work.

    Chilli's, TGIF, The Ship, Victoria Station..etc have their specialities. I love Road House Grill best :)

  5. i love chili's and so is shan leo! we went to chili's again last sat :D

  6. MeRy-jom makan :p

    2ma- Looking forward to your post on shan leoat Chilli's

  7. I never tried Chili and all the while I will go TGIF, hehe.

    I also wonder why they have to squat down while writing the order.
    TGIF also the same.

  8. Sarah's Daddy and Mommy

    I wonder too. Now aiming to go makan at JakeCharboil since saw it in Annie Q's blog


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