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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Breakfast At Restaurant New Haup Huat, Seremban

Hehehe...we went on a trip. A trip to Malacca. My Yee Por came last Thursday and we decided to go to Malacca on Friday. I was pretty excited and "talked" non-stop in the car and play "Ciak!" with Yee Por.

Decided to have Breakfast in Seremban. Just simply "tembak" one makan place since Yee Por doesn't like to eat Beef Noodle. This restaurant happens to be next to the morning market.

Ordered some Dimsum and Char Siew Pau. Dimsum was passable but the pau failed to excite my tastebuds.

Yee Por said this KING brand of Kampong Koh Cili Sauce taste very good. Must buy.

Mamarazzi ordered Wantan Mee. I didn't eat much. It's because I was too excited by this trip. This plate of Wan Tan Mee cost RM3-50. Generous amount of Char Siew but Mamarazzi found the Char Siew to be a bit too hard.

A nice cool glass of Kopi O is amust for Mamarazzi coz she stayed up most of the night before to blog about The Big Bad Wolf Books Sale.

Meantime, Papa and me had a father and son bonding moment. Papa made a "Fishie face".

Do again, Papa

Like this ar?

See! I can do too.

"Sap sap sui!". See! Papa so happy.

Perut kenyang, hati senang. Continue journey lor.


  1. Oh I love dim sum for breakfast once in a while coz need to go on diet now... and wantan mee is my all-time fav! Hey why don't ask smallkucing & his papa do the "fishie mouth" together, they're cute!


  2. hmmm... i wonder why my Sban frenz din bring me there for dim sum... hehehe... maybe i always insist of getting Beef Noodles :p

  3. Leadership by example!! following papa's footsteps.. smart boy.. so fast u can follow what your papa does... any other funny face he has taught u?

  4. TZ : Maybe coz the dimsum was just so-so. If you want nice dimsum go to Khee Way next to the Kpg Sg Buloh pasar.

    Dora :Once in awhile eat Dimsum is good. :)

    Wenn & Claire : Nowadays he imitate very fast. kekeke

  5. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE30 November 2009 at 12:19

    Happy family :-)

  6. Cute funny face....the cutest part is father and son did the same thing! LOL!

  7. Ohh...papa so sporting...make funny faces. For good dim sum in S'ban, try Min Kok Restaurant. Even a bit expensive, but worth it.


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