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Friday, 6 November 2009

Botak Head Again

Botak head again. It was my 3rd time going to the barber. I hate that buzzing sound. I kick up a big fuss when they tried to put me on the chair. But the Papa sat down and the barber trim his hair. Papa very brave. He never cry.

When Papa is done, it was my turn pulak. This time I never cry nor kick up a fuss. Nevertheless, it was still an uncomfortable experience.

But after that my head felt so good. No more sweaty dog.


  1. Wow! So guai!~ No cry while cutting hair.. :)

  2. YX at 3 y.o now still dare not visit the barber. So MIL & I will have to be his hair dresser. And it is not easy an east task! He will move here and there.

  3. He's so good boy by sitting there quietly to let the barber cut his hair... well done boy!

    I don't think my boy could ever sit still and let the barber touch his hair!

  4. Good boy!! Joshua big boy liao jor... :)

  5. This botak sure looks cool......

    hey, take care now, and have a great weekend

  6. He did cry at 1st but after he saw Papa had his hair cut, he guai guai sat there. Got the face that look like water going to sprout any moment la ...kakaka

  7. A Full-Timed Housefly6 November 2009 at 23:32

    When my son was younger between 1 yr to 9 yrs , I always shave him botak myself , the funny thing is he never complain even once. But from 10 yrs old onward , he stopped cutting botak because he was sick of his botak look and wanted to grow his hair longer...hahahaa. Now that he is 18 yr old , he pays alot of attention to his look and dressing and he'll laugh when looking at photos of him being botak !

  8. Here come little Shaolin boy.....heeeee yaaaah!


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