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Friday, 27 November 2009

Books From The Big Bad Wolf Books Sale and BookXcess

Wondering what Mamarazzi books bought? Here they are.

Counting books for me with a button which I can press. RM5 each.

Poppy Cat Magic Drawing Book at RM8 or RM10(Mamarazzi forgot)

Bedtime story with a toy. RM15.

All RM8/book except Amanda Quick at RM5. But the Cashier wrongly charge as RM8. Nevermind la, since Mamarazzi had saved a lot from her purchases and the staffs there were very nice.

Anoher batch of RM8/per book. Notice that Mamarazzi seems to be buying a lot of fiction books?

And most of the are written by Asian Author. RM8/book.

Large print and thick book. Also RM8/book

These two also RM8/book and what's more is that the Shanghai Tango by Jin Xing is a signed copy. I wonder how BBWB managed to get it? Tabik!

This is also RM8 and frankly speaking, Mamarazzi bought it due to it's cute cover. And yup, Mamarazzi receiived the comomerative book mark.

After going for the sale, she went to BookXcess to get the books that Uncle Newton had kindly pre-order for her.

Yes, The Cecelia Ahern book. Then Kaw Kaw LC recommended Chris Manby "The Matchbreaker". RM19-90 only. Hardcover some more!

The Beijing Coma is from BBWBS RM8 and The Associate is from BookXcess at RM24-90.

Did anyone of you out there went for this Sale? How much did you spent there?


  1. Hi ! I was there yesterday and today ! Got a total of about 50+ books but even then didn't see any of the books you managed to get.. lucky you !!

  2. RM 8 for each novel? What a steal!

    Popular is also having a warehouse sale at Subang Summit... lots of books for kids up to 80% discount... I went and wallop liao :-D

  3. Joanna- Salute you! went for two days? So did you went today also? Hear ytdy's queue was around the building instead of till Kenny Rogers. Seems like you got more books than me!

    Boey Joey- ya loh...thats why I was so EXCITED about this sale.As for POPULAR SALE ..I went there last round. Didnt get much. As most are chinese books. eng books not much discount and the children sect was quite small.

  4. Bought so many books huh! I missed both the sale!

  5. There is always a next time. These sale are normally quarterly, with exception of BBWBS


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